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Archive Year 3 - Otter Class 2019/2020

Storytime with Miss Broadbribb - Diamonds and Daggers Part 4

Please click on the link below to view the next part of the story.      (Part 4)
Miss Broadribb’s VE Day Video 
Otter Class have been completing lots of exciting VE Day Daily Challenges this week in celebration of the 75 Year Anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe. Miss Broadribb has created this short video for you all to enjoy explaining a little bit about the history of VE Day!  

Storytime with Miss Broadribb - Diamonds and Daggers Part 3

Please click on the link below to view the next part of the story.  Part 3

Summer Week 3 -

Miss Broadribb has loved receiving lots of wonderful photos from Otter Class while they are learning at home. It has been great to see so many children engaging in our daily challenges! Some of their favourites include: designing a boat which can float and hold a penny, getting outside and creating things using the natural environment, trying science experiments, helping in the kitchen, seeing how many things they can do in the space of a minute and this week they are focusing on daily VE Day inspired challenges. We are very proud of you all - well done Otter Class!  

Otty is enjoying staying with Mrs January and has been helping her around the house. Well done Otty!

Storytime with Miss Broadribb - Diamonds and Daggers Part 2

Please click on the link below to view the next part of the story.     Part 2

Storytime with Miss Broadribb - Diamonds and Daggers Part 1


Please click on the link below to view the video. Thank you.    Part 1


Summer Week 1 

It has been lovely to receive updates from Otter Class this week and see all the lovely things they have been doing both during the Easter break and as we have started the Summer Term. Otter Class have really loved the Rainforest theme to this week and have enjoyed writing stories, carrying out research, writing persuasive letters and making their own musical instruments. Outside of completing their directed tasks, they have really enjoyed accepting daily challenges and it has been lovely to be updated on their progress and receive challenges for Miss Broadribb to try too! It has also been brilliant to see the amount of children helping their adults in the kitchen - well done Otter Class!

Otter Class Home Learning

We are incredibly proud of how Otter Class have been able to continue their learning from home and are very impressed with their marvellous creations! Otter Class have loved building their own robots at home, writing their own stories and continuing to practise their maths skills. They have also searched for signs of Spring, practised reading and writing their own poems and enjoyed researching their favourite music artist. On top of this, it has been lovely to see the creative activities they have been doing outside of their daily tasks. I would also like to take this opportunity and thank all of our amazing parents for their continued support during this time. Well done Otter Class! 

World Book Day

 What an incredible day. The children all looked fabulous in their costumes for World Book Day today. They spent the morning as authors; planning their own version of Cinderella before having a Mad Hatter Inspired lunch; enjoying music with Mrs Boniface and sharing the reasons they came dressed as their characters and their favourite books during the afternoon. We even managed to find time to enjoy some quiet reading! A very busy and lovely day had by all!


Huish Park Writing Workshop

The children absolutely loved their visit to Huish Park this week. The children spent two hours working with Tamsin Cooke, a local author, to open their imaginations and plan some alternative endings to some of her stories. Tamsin was amazing at letting the children see that anyone is capable of writing a brilliant story if they only have the right tools. She was amazed at the children’s ability and thought they had some really brilliant ideas to offer. Each child received a signed book from the author and a certificate to show they took part in the workshop. Well done Otter Class!


The Tiger Who Came To Tea

What an amazing day had by Otter Class. The children are incredibly proud of their creation today, using only paper straws, tin foil, masking tape and Papier Mache! The children loved working with Daryll in small groups today to create this stunning display in the corridor. Excellent teamwork once again Otter Class, well done.


China Day

In Otter Class, we have loved learning about the Chinese New Year and really enjoyed engaging in a Chinese New Year themed code breaker; performing a poem about the experience of someone celebrating Chinese New Year and making red bookmarks with our names on. We also really enjoyed watching the Minnows perform their dragon dance in full costume through the corridor. 

Mr Plumbley (Spring)

The children absolutely loved spending time working with Mr Plumbley again this week. They really enjoy using a range of materials to create some stunning pieces which brighten up our corridors. The children are very proud of the work they do with Mr Plumbley and they always show excellent teamwork during the sessions.

Africa Day

The children had an amazing time during Africa Day making tribal necklaces, designing headdresses, performing an African dance and creating some beautiful African pictures. The children were very brave and faced their fears when trying some ‘African inspired’ food and for some, they surprisingly enjoyed it! It was also lovely to see Otter Class interacting with children from all of the different year groups and they were excellent role models throughout the day. Well done Otter Class!


Otter Class had a wonderful session with Nick from Bugfest. We enjoyed learning about all the different bugs and insects that Nick had brought with him. The children enjoyed holding some of the insects including a stick insect, an assassin bug, a cockroach, an iron sting beetle, a millipede and an African land snail called Frank. The children were very brave and some faced their fears even though they were a little worried about holding the animals. Well done Otter Class!

Tanzania Letters

The children were thrilled to have responses from children in Yamba. We were very impressed by how well they could write in English considering it was a second language and enjoyed finding similarities between their lives and ours.

Hockey Tournament

We were very proud of Otter Class as they participated in Mr Bourne’s Hockey Tournament. The children really did show great perseverance and teamwork. Well done Otter Class for being excellent representatives of the school!

Space Day

The children loved dressing up for Space Day. Their costumes were wonderfully inventive and they loved learning all about Volcanos and how fossils formed in the Space Dome, as well as designing their own planets which were very creative! A great day had by all.

Family Learning

The children loved spending time with parents in this creative workshop. We used recycled materials and paint to create our fish, leaving zero waste! The results were fabulous and the children were very proud of what they could create.


Roman Baths

The children had a busy day visiting the Roman Baths. They absolutely loved dressing up in togas and tunics; learning about how the Romans would have prepared food; and creating their own mosaic patterns. The children also enjoyed touring the baths and were fascinated by the naturally heated water! 

A lovely day had by all!



The children were thrilled to meet the wonderful alpacas and to learn about how they live. Some children even overcame their fears of the Alpacas and gave them a little stroke. The children loved learning about the food that the Alpacas ate, how to care for them and the countries which they come from. 



The children loved learning about the features of a playscript and were given the chance to work together in rehearsing and performing their own in front of the class. The children's creativity and enthusiasm made the performances very enjoyable. Well done Otter Class! 

A great start to Year 3!

Year 3 have had an excellent first few weeks settling in to their new classroom. This week, Otter Class have enjoyed exploring poetry and have looked at different types of poems including The Pig by Roald Dahl and Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen. Embracing the season of Autumn, we have worked hard to use our knowledge of similes and expanded noun phrases to create our own autumnal poems. The children are very proud of the poems they have created and look forward to sharing some at the Harvest Celebration in a couple weeks time!