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Y1 - Dragonflies

Dragonfly Class is taught by Mrs Kerrigan and is supported by Miss Guinea and Miss Read. Other adults who work in the class are Mr Frisby (teaching music on a Wednesday) and Mr Bourne (teaching PE on a Monday).

Below you will find a gallery of all the exciting learning activities that have taken place in Dragonfly class this year.

Kingston Maurward Trip

We had a lovely day at Kingston Maurward last week, which related to our Science topic on animals. The children enjoyed feeding the guinea pigs and rabbits using long fishing rods, and also visiting all the other animals in the park. We had a look around their lovely gardens and tried to avoid all the puddles! After that, Sarah took us to the lambing sheds and we got to see some gorgeous lambs that were only hours old. They were so cute. Finally, we were taken to see the calves, and the children thought it was so funny that they were trying to lick their hands! It was a great day!

Computing Day

We had a fantastic Computing Day organised by Miss Hegarty. The children explored various different aspects of computing and technology. They used the Beebots to program simple algorithms, they studied some old technology brought in by many members of staff, and they also completed some online research about Victorians with the Year 5 children. 

World Book Day

Dragonfly Class had great fun celebrating their love of reading on World Book Day and they all looked amazing in their costumes!  The children created lands at the top of the Faraway Tree, completed a book review on the Highway Rat and shared books with some of the parents during Rock up and Read. It was a super day!

Carp Kites

In DT this half term, the children are learning about different types of kites. This week they learned about Carp Kites from Japan and they had a go at making their own. They had great fun flying them in the playground!

Art Lesson

This half term the topic in Art is printing, and the children practised some of their printing skills using different objects and paint. They made some lovely patterns with shapes and colour.

School Disco

Lots of the children had fun at the PTA Valentine's Disco. They enjoyed showing me some of their disco moves and playing with the glow-sticks!

Outdoor Learning 3

This week in outdoor leaning the children were introduced to the artist Andy Goldworthy. Mrs Huggins showed the children some examples of Goldworthy's artwork and explained that he used items from nature to make his designs. The children then went hunting on the school field for their natural items and then created some amazing pieces of art!

Guide Dog Visit

The school were very lucky to have a visit from Iris this week with her latest guide dog puppy. She is training Cory, who is 13 months old, to become a guide dog and she spoke to the children about what that involves. She also brought with her Kim, who is a retired guide dog, who now lives with Iris and occasionally works as a trained therapy dog. They were absolutely beautiful and so well behaved. The children loved seeing them. 

Colour Mixing

As part of their Art topic on painting, the children experimented today with colour mixing. They used a base colour (red) and then added various amounts of white and black to create diffferent shades.

Outdoor Learning 2

This week Mrs Huggins helped the children light some small flint fires, and they also decorated some rocks with inspirational messages. These rocks are then going to be placed around the school for other Kingfisher children to find, and hopefuly enjoy the messages. 

Life Education

Helen from the Life Education Team came to speak to the children about their feelings. She talked about how we can mange these and how we can look after ourselves. The children enjoyed seeing Harold the giraffe again too!

Outdoor Learning

This week in outdoor learning Mrs Huggins read the children a Percy the Parkkeeper story called One Snowy Night. She talked about animal homes and then asked the children to use some natural resources around such as,  sticks, moss and fir tree to make a cosy home for an animal. The children worked really well in teams and made some super animal homes.

Painting Skills

As part of our Art topic this term, the children are learning different painting skills. Today the children experimented with different size paint brushes.

Christmas Lunch


We all enjoyed the delicious Christmas lunch provided by Charlene, Julie and Liza. It was fun pulling our crackers, telling jokes and singing along to the Christmas music!

Santa's Helicopter

We had such a lovely suprise this week when Santa's helicopter landed on our school field. The 'elves' then came and spoke to all the children and took their letters away for Santa. It was quite a sight!

The Pantomime at Westlands

It was such fun at the Cinderella pantomime this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the show and shouting as loud as they could!


As part of their DT project this term, the children have all learned how to stitch. They each made a hand puppet and were very proud of their handy work. 


I was so proud of all the children in Dragonfly Class when they performed their nativity 'A Miracle in Town'. They had practised so hard, learned all their lines and sang the songs so beautifully. The costumes were amazing too!

RNLI Visit

The children were very interested to find out about the work of the RNLI this week. They were given lots of advice about how to stay safe near and in the water and watched videos to help them understand. They also had the opportunity to try some of their outfits on!

Wind Socks

In Science, we are learning about the weather and seasonal changes. This week we looked at wind and discussed why wind socks were used. The children then made their own wind socks and tried them out in the playground.

Diwali Workshop

To celebrate Diwali, the children took part in a Diwali dance workshop. They learned about the heroic battle of Rama and Sita against Ravana and then retold the story through dance.

Odd Sock Day

During Anti-bullying week the children wore odd socks to emphasise individuality. They though this was great fun!

Week 2 Outdoor Learning

This week Mrs Huggins showed the children all the different coloured leaves around the school site. She showed them how to squash them onto fabric to get the different colours out. They had great fun even though it was raining hard!

Threading Skills

In DT the children are going to be stitching their own hand puppets. So, in preparation for this, they used threading cards to practise their stitching skills.

Outdoor Learning

The children enjoyed their first outdoor learning session today with Mrs Huggins. She taught them about different leaves and how to identify them, and then the children went investigating around our school site to find them. 

VR Workshop

As part of our Eco-Day, the children had the opportunity to use some VR headsets to learn about climate change. They were able to see how this affects our planet and were given some ideas on how to reduce the impact of it. It was great fun!