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Y2 - Mallards

Welcome to Mallard Class.


Mallard Class is taught by Miss Jones with Mrs Denman as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Mrs Streetin as the Learning Support Assistant. Other staff members working with the class include Mr Frisby for Music on a Wednesday and Mr Bourne for PE on a Monday.

Updates throughout the year can be found on both this Class Page and on our School Twitter page. Below you will find a gallery of all the exciting learning activities that have taken place in Mallard Class this year

Exploring Materials

In Science today, we were exploring a range of different materials and investigated which material would be the best to build a house from and protect the Three Little Pigs from the Big Bad Wolf! We investigated each material’s ability to keep the Three Little Pigs dry and its ability to withstand the huffs and puffs of the Big Bad Wolf. 


Today, the children were learning about the different ways in which we can present information using technology. Using the laptops, the class worked in pairs to create their own PowerPoints, exploring all the different functions including adding text, changing font size, position and colour, formatting backgrounds, adding pictures and even using animations. I was so impressed with how they worked together so brilliantly and the amazing PowerPoints they created!


This term, our key skill in Art is sculpture and recently, we have been exploring the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Today, as a class, we created our own sculpture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy using only natural resources. Since we are Mallard Class, we thought it only fitting to create our own sculpture of a mallard. The children had so much fun scavenging for resources, taking note of the size, colour and texture of the different objects they found and the purpose they could serve. We were so happy with the final result! 

Uploading Information Online

Today, in Computing we learnt how to upload information online. 


Below is something that we uploaded together:



Carymoor Workshop

Today, we were very lucky to have a wonderful workshop with Gary from Carymoor who talked to the children all about composting. The children had an absolutely brilliant time participating in a range of engaging activities such as picking up ‘pretend’ worms using giant tweezers and planting their own cress seeds in their own DIY pots. They also thoroughly enjoyed feeding the worm in the compost bin with items that can be composted. 


Coronation Crafts

In celebration of the King’s Coronation, Mallard Class designed and made their very own commemorative Coronation Medals. The children applied their knowledge of sculpting they learnt this term to mould and engrave their designs using clay. After, their medals had dried they each painted their models using gold and silver paint. Finally, a Union Jack ribbon was attached to their medals to give it an authentic look. Well done, everyone- your medals look fantastic! 

Exploring Seeds

In Science today, the children were exploring seeds from a range of different fruits. We found that seeds come in all different shapes, colours and sizes and aren’t always located inside the fruit. After, our Scientific investigation was complete the children had a lot of fun eating the delicious fruit! 😋

Tudor Houses

In keeping with our History topic about the Great Fire of London, the children have been making their own Tudor houses in DT. They each designed their houses following a specific design criteria and then followed step by step instructions to make them. 

Measuring Mass

In Maths today, the children were putting their knowledge of mass into practise by estimating and measuring the mass of a range of objects using weighing scales. 

Pete the Poet

Mallard Class enjoyed a fantastic workshop with Pete the Poet today. Throughout the session, the children took part in a range of activities including dressing up, singing and role playing all while engaging in poetry. 

London’s Burning

London’s burning, London’s burning,

Fetch the engines. Fetch the engines.

Fire, fire! Fire, fire! 

Pour on water. Pour one water. 


Still image for this video
The children absolutely loved reenacting putting the Great Fire of London out using water and buckets!

Great Fire of London Workshop

Today, the children had a visit from Sharon who works for the Somerset museum. She delivered a fantastic workshop all about the Great Fire of London. During the session, the children were able  to explore a range of historical artefacts such as fire hooks and leather buckets. Sharon also touched on the diary of Samuel Pepys and how this eye-witness account helps to inform us of the past. The children were then able to have a go at writing in the style of Samuel Pepys using a quill and ink.  The children also had a lot of fun dressing up in the costumes and pretending to put the fire out with buckets and water.

The Importance of Brushing our Teeth

Over the last few weeks, the children have been learning all about the importance of good hygiene. This week, the children conducted an experiment to find out the impact of different liquids on our teeth. Of course, we couldn't use real teeth for this experiment, so we used eggs instead because the enamel on an egg shell is very similar to the enamel on our teeth. Today, the children made their predictions as to which liquid they think would cause the most damage on the egg shells. The liquids we are testing include water, orange juice, cola, vinegar and milk. We discussed the importance of a fair test and making sure that all but one variable stays the same. Then, it was time for us to pop the eggs into the different cups of liquid. We are going to leave the eggs in the liquids for 1 week and check on them daily to see if there are any changes! We can't wait to find out the results! 


As part of our printing topic in Art this term, the children have been exploring a range of printing, stamping and rolling techniques. Today, we explored the technique of rolling. The children were tasked with creating a repeated pattern art piece using rollers. The end results were fantastic! 


In Computing today, the children learnt how to make animations using the iStopMotion software. The children were able to create animations using the object of their choice. In doing so, they learnt the importance of taking the pictures from the same camera angle and moving their objects a little bit after each photo. It was so much fun to do and very entertaining to watch. 

World Book Day

Finger Printing

Today, the children were exploring the art of printing by using their finger prints to replicate a picture. The attention to detail was very impressive and some lovely art work was produced. 

Final Art Piece

In Art this term, Mallard Class have been exploring the work of Henri Rousseau. The children have created sketches, swatches, small studies of his work and created a fact file all about the artist. For their final piece, the children were tasked with creating a painting in the style of Henri Rousseau using one of his paintings from the jungle (which he never actually visited) as inspiration. The final outcomes were amazing! It has been fantastic to see the children's skills develop throughout the term and to see them put everything they have learnt into practise. Well done, everyone! 

Church Visit

Today, we visited St James’ church in Yeovil. The children explored the different symbols of Christianity located within the church, sang a hymn, listened to a parable from the reverend and even created their own wax crayon rubbings of different surfaces around the church. It was throughly enjoyed by the children and lovely to see them share and develop their knowledge from our current and previous RE lessons. A special thank you to the lovely parents (and grandparents) who helped facilitate the trip. 

Perfect Pizzas 🍕 

As part of our DT project this term, the children were tasked with designing and making their own ‘perfect pizza’. Prior to making their pizza, the children learnt about the different food groups and were able to classify them based on their characteristics. They understood what food we should eat lots of and the foods that we should try to eat less of. The children were challenged to include at least one healthy food on their pizza. They were all delighted with their finished products and thoroughly enjoyed eating them. Miss Jones was very jealous! 


Today in English, the children took on the role of a teacher and edited a piece of writing with lots of mistakes! They all enjoyed checking the work and correcting the punctuation and spelling errors with the help of a dictionary. 

The Importance of Exercise

In Science today, we were learning all about the importance of exercise and what happens to our bodies when we exercise. The children participated in a range of low and high intensity exercises for 2 minutes and were then challenged to count their pulses. The children were able to recognise that the more intense the exercise, the higher their pulse rate was because their hearts had to work harder to pump the blood around their body to their muscles. They also noted the bodily changes such as getting hot, sweating, breathing faster and their faces turning red. We discussed that exercise is important for keeping fit and being healthy both physically and mentally.  


Coram Life Bus Visit

We were really lucky today to have a visit from Coram Life Bus and their very special guest Harold the Giraffe. They delivered a fantastic interactive workshop all about the importance of keeping healthy. 

Library Visit

Today, the children went to the library to look at non-fiction texts. We have been learning about animals and their habitats in Science this term so it was great for the children to explore a range of books on this topic. The children were all very engaged and enjoyed learning lots of news facts which they were eager to tell me about throughout the session. 


There is no better way to kick off the festive celebrations than a trip to the pantomime! Thank you to the PTA for funding the trip, the children (and staff) all had a fantastic time! 


A huge well done to Mallard Class for an amazing Nativity performance! You were all incredible and made us all very proud! 

Warm and Cool Colours

In Art today, the children were exploring warm and cool colours. We looked at the work of Robert and Sonia Delaunay and then the children recreated a piece of their Art work using warm colours on one side and cool colours on the other side. The end results were fantastic! 

Sewing Skills

In DT this term, Mallard Class are going to make their very own Christmas tree baubles. In preparation for this, the children practised their threading skills using simple equipment.  They all had a go at practising 2 different styles of sewing techniques including an over stitch. 


In Computing today, we discussed as a class how we can stay safe online. The children then applied the skills that they have learnt over the past couple of lessons to create an online safety poster on the DoodleBuddy app. The children used text in their posters making sure to use Caps Lock, Space Bar and full stops. They also included pictures and drawings.


In Art today, the children were exploring how we can change colours by tinting. We examined Paul Klee’s ‘Seperation of the Evening’ art piece and then everyone had a go at creating their own piece in his style by applying the skills they had learnt. I was blown away by the children’s work today, they really engaged in the activity and created some amazing art work!  



In Science, this term we are learning about living things and their habitats. Today, we went on a walk around the school grounds to explore the different micro-habitats we could find on site. The children thoroughly enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to look for the various mini beasts and understanding why these creatures chose the habitats they did. 


Mallard Class are very lucky to be having Yoga workshops with Paula this term. With it being a very busy term, it is fantastic for the children to tap into some relaxation and meditation whilst also developing their co-ordination, balance and core strength. Paula is great at delivering the sessions in a child-friendly manner, usually combining the yoga with a story and the children absolutely love it! 


In Art this term, our focus is painting. Today, the children were learning all about primary colours. We looked at the art work of various famous artists including Kazimir Malevich and the children had a go at replicating his work using only primary colours. I was so impressed with the children’s attention to detail and the care and effort they put into their work. Well done, everyone! 

Cleaning Pennies

In Science today, the children conducted a test to find out which substance would be best for cleaning a penny. We tested vinegar with a pinch of salt, washing powder with water, lemon juice, cola and tomato ketchup. Before conducting the test the children made their predictions. To make sure it was a fair test, we distributed the different substances equally and left the pennies in each of the substances for the same amount of time. When we revealed the pennies, we were all very surprised by the results. The majority of the class felt that the washing powder would be the most effective at cleaning a penny because it is used for cleaning but the results showed that actually tomato ketchup was the best at cleaning a penny. We concluded that tomato ketchup was the best because of its acidity. 

HSBC Visit

Today, we were very lucky to take part in a money workshop delivered by representatives from HSBC. During the workshop, the children were tasked with organising a birthday party and calculating the associated costs. It was a really enjoyable activity which encouraged the children to think about the value of money and where their money would be better spent. The workshop also highlighted the idea that just because you have a set amount of money it doesn’t mean you have to spend it all. 

Black History Month

As part of Black History Month, Mallard Class learnt about arguably the greatest female athlete of all time, Serena Williams.


In honour of her amazing contribution to tennis as well as her positive impact on women and the black community around the world, we created a large scale art piece as a class. The class was split up into groups and each group had a particular task to complete.  It was so much fun making the art piece and I was so impressed with the knowledge the children remembered about Serena Williams and her success. 

Moving Vehicles

In DT this term, the children have enjoyed designing and making their moving vehicles. Before making their vehicles the children explored a range of different moving vehicles from ambulances to trolleys. We investigated the mechanisms of vehicles including wheels, axles and chassis. The children could design and make whichever vehicle they liked and it was nice to see a range of different vehicles ranging from Army tanks to ambulances. After making their vehicles the children evaluated them based on the design criteria. 

Testing Absorbency

In Science today, we were testing the absorbency of a range of materials to find out which material would be best to clean up a spillage. We tested paper, fabric, paper towels and cloth. Before conducting out test the children made their predictions. We spoke about the importance of a fair test and only changing one thing. In this instance, we changed the material we were testing and kept everything else the same. To test the absorbency of the materials we dipped each material in a jug of water for 1 minute. We then measured how high up the water was absorbed on each material using a ruler. We found out that the most absorbent material was the fabric. 

Countries in the United Kingdom

Today, the children enjoyed using the iPads to research the different countries in the UK. For each country, the children completed a fact file which included information about capitals, population,  National flowers, rivers and mountains. They also explored the famous landmarks for each country. 

Glove Investigation 

As part of our Science topic all about Materials, Mallard class have been investigating a range of gloves made for different purposes and from different materials. We tested each gloves, warmth, water resistance, durability and flexibility. It was incredibly fun to watch the children attempt to pick up the small objects with the football gloves and the gardening gloves! We found that the different gloves have different qualities which are better suited for different things.