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Welcome to Our Kingfisher Art Page!

Purpose of Study

Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. A high-quality art and design education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. As pupils progress, they should be able to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of art and design. They should also know how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.

 The national curriculum for art and design aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences
  • become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques
  • evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design
  • know about great artists, craft makers and designers, and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

Source: National Curriculum, 2014



Art & Design Progression

Art Overview

Our Intent for Art and Design:


Through high quality teaching, alongside the National curriculum, we intend to ensure all children can perceive themselves as artists. We also aim for all pupils to learn the skills to give them:


• The ability to use visual language skilfully and convincingly (for example, line, shape, pattern, colour, texture, form) to express emotions, interpret observations, convey insights and accentuate their individuality.

• The ability to communicate fluently in visual and tactile form.

• The ability to draw confidently and adventurously from observation, memory and imagination.

• The ability to explore and invent marks, develop and deconstruct ideas and communicate perceptively and powerfully through purposeful drawing in 2D, 3D or digital media.

• An impressive knowledge and understanding of other artists, craft makersand designers.

• The ability to think and act like creative practitioners by using their knowledge and understanding to inform, inspire and interpret ideas, observations and feelings.

• Independence, initiative and originality which they can use to develop their creativity.

• The ability to select and use materials, processes and techniques skilfully and inventively to realise intentions and capitalise on the unexpected.

• The ability to reflect on, analyse and critically evaluate their own work and that of others.

• A passion for and a commitment to the subject.


Our Vision for Art


At Kingfisher Primary School, we take a skills-based approach to our Art and Design Curriculum and follow the National Curriculum to create imaginative and innovative artwork. Throughout their time with us, children have the opportunity to develop their painting, sculpting, drawing, collaging, and printing skills. Through studying a range of artists across the school, the children have the opportunity to develop their skills and apply these when creating their own unique and beautiful pieces inspired by different amazing artists. We believe every child can be an artist and are incredibly proud of the work produced by our young people. Miss Broadribb is our subject lead.

Children’s thoughts on Art and Design at Kingfisher:


"I like playdough" - Willow, LKDN. 

"I like painting pictures for my mummy." - Daisy, LKDN. 

"I like drawing dragons." - Alex, Reception. 

"I like drawing with crayons and painting love hearts using paint brushes." - Freya, Reception.  

“Art is fun!” - Iyla, Year 1. 

“I love learning new skills in Art!” - Ben, Year 2. 

“I like learning about all the different artists.” - Raeyn, Year 3. 

“I love playing with the clay!” - Oliver, Year 3.

“I like to try and use some of my new skills at home.” - Isla, Year 4.

“Art relaxes me.” - Jenna, Year 4.  

“I’m good at Art.” - Tyler, Year 5. 

“I like making new things.” - Sam, Year 5. 

“I like that there are no mistakes in Art.” - Evie, Year 5.

“Art makes me feel calm.” - Milo, Year 6.

“We always learn different things in Art, and I love experimenting with the different techniques.” - Izabel, Year 6.

What does Art look like at Kingfisher? 


EYFS and Key Stage 1

In the EYFS, the children begin to develop their fine motor skills and complete purposeful tasks to create a range of creative mediums. In Little Kingfisher Day Nursery, they celebrate artwork with their ‘Every child is an Artist’ display exploring a range of mediums and providing a variety of experiences. As they progress into Key Stage 1, the children then continue to build on these skills when looking at the work of Arcimboldo, Kandinsky, Matisse, Rousseau, Quentin Blake, Robert Delaunay and many more to have experience with a range of mediums. 


Lower Key Stage 2

As they move into Years 3 and 4, children continue to develop their skills in painting, sculpting, drawing, collaging, and printing. Through exploring the work of O’Keefe, Milhazes, Hopper, Eckersley, Picasso, Lowry, Andy Warhol and more, the children create some brilliant final pieces linking to their other subjects too.


Upper Key Stage 2

In Years 5 and 6, children have the opportunity to consolidate their learning so far and continue to enhance their skills in all areas. Children have the opportunity to explore work from artists such as Van Gogh, Eileen Agar, Lowry, Spinski, Lederer and more. The children also have the opportunity to experiment with new mediums including water colour painting and are greater informed when expressing opinions on artwork.



Art lessons are planned in a way which means that all children can access the objectives. Differentiated activities are planned when appropriate and use of scaffolding and both adult and peer support will ensure that all children learn these essential skills.  We believe that every child can be an artist in their own unique way and encourage exploration and development of these key skills to ensure each child can be creative and successful in their creations.

Tracking and Assessment 


Art is monitored through examples of work taken from various lessons. The National Curriculum is the guidance which provides objectives so lessons are progressive to make sure children will develop their skills and understanding as they move up through the school, with the ideas becoming increasingly complex. Each termly project planned, highlights the coverage of skills across each year group, to ensure the children are meeting the National Curriculum.  



Interventions in Art will not be academic in the same way that they are for other subjects. A number of children receive ‘Art Therapy’ to support their emotional and developmental needs through ‘Drawing and Talking’, ‘ELSA’ and ‘Emotional Literacy’.

Our Art Gallery


Below, you will find a gallery of photographs for each of the five skills.  Our children are passionate about developing these skills and develop them in a progressive way as they move through the school. 






Creative Cake Sale 


The School Council organised a fantastic cake sale to raise money for our school charity this year- the RSPB. The piping work and mixing for these cakes were incredible and it was lovely to see so many different techniques and skills being represented in a different way. A massive well done to everyone who entered. 

Fantastic Family Learning 


We are incredibly fortunate to have the wonderful Darrell Wakelam, author of ‘Art Shaped’, visit and deliver incredible family learning sessions for our children and community. Darrell is an incredibly talented artist who uses recyclable materials, to create collaborative sculptures and displays around our school. He teaches the children to manipulate paper straws and cardboard to create these incredible design pieces and structures, which they then collage with tissue paper and PVA glue. You will find evidence of these amazing pieces showcased around our school.

Year 3 - Roman Helmets

Year 6 Collaborative Piece 

‘Being the Best We Can Be’

Year 3 Production- The Bee Musical 

The children and staff in Otter Class worked ‘un-bee-lievably’ hard on their class production. The children contributed towards the set production through applying their painting and collaging skills when creating their honeycomb for the backdrop. They then improved their collaging skills further when making flowers for the front of the stage too. It was incredible to see the diversity in each piece made by the children. Thank you to Mrs Streetin and Miss Wolny for all your hard work with supporting our students in making this incredible set. 

Little Kingfisher Day Nursery Art Exhibition