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Kingfisher Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust.

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Music purpose of study

Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with discrimination to the best in the musical canon.

Source: National Curriculum, 2014

Music Intent


At Kingfisher Primary School, Music education is very highly valued and is seen as fundamental to a child's development. We aim to create an engaging curriculum which is child-centred, cross-curricular and inclusive, allowing your child to unlock their creative potential by developing their musical identity through a variety of resources and access to a wide range of extra curricular opportunities. A key aim of our Music teaching and curriculum is to teach our pupils to be musicians.

We follow the National Curriculum for England 2016 and also use the ‘Sing up’ scheme of work. This scheme ensures progression through each year group across the school as well as coverage of all the strands of music.


Over their time at Kingfisher Primary School, children will work with our passionate teachers, listening to a wide range of vocal and instrumental music from all over the world in order to cultivate a genuine love and appreciation for music that will last a lifetime. They will get the opportunity to play a range of instruments and come together to play as small groups and whole classes. We aim to provide opportunities for our children to access specialist instrumental tuition through a specialist teacher of piano, violin and guitar.  We ensure all our children have regular opportunities to sing and perform to an audience through productions, music recitals and participation in community events. 

Our thriving Ukulele Club have played community events such as Yeovil Together and Yeovil Ukulele Festival. They have also visited Knoll Nursing Home and performed for their residents.

We also have a KS1 choir and a KS2 choir. The KS2 choir has recently been working with a renowned choir master, and are working towards a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in July.


Little Kingfishers

Our nursery provides a range of musical opportunities throughout the year. Children have the chance to explore a range of instruments, learn a wide variety of nursery rhymes and even take part in their own Christmas production. We aim to encourage a love of music whilst developing their listening skills, enhancing their sense of rhythm and expanding their vocabulary.

Kingfisher's KS2 Choir

Kingfisher's Ukulele Club

The Ukulele Club performing for the residents in the Knoll Nursing Home.


Music Progression

Music Overview

Kingfisher's Vision for Music

At Kingfisher Primary School we aim for all our pupils to develop a life-long love of music, through a wide range of quality musical experiences which will engage and inspire them. It is our intent that we will capture children’s enthusiasm by offering them a broad range of musical experiences. Through these experiences, we will provide our children with opportunities to listen and respond to a range of music, to devise their own opinions and feelings about different music types, and to develop their skills to play and compose with a range of instruments. We are also committed to exposing children to a range of music from history and other cultures, encouraging them to show appreciation for a range of music genres and styles. At Kingfisher Primary School, we will celebrate all musical skills and performances, providing children with the opportunity to showcase their performance skills either as individuals or as part of ensembles. Through our music curriculum we will endeavour to develop children’s skills, in order to create self-disciplined, cooperative and creative musicians.



Our aim at Kingfisher Primary School is that every child’s needs are catered for and every child is given the chance to succeed. All pupils will be fully included in music lessons and individual needs responded to, as they are for all curriculum areas at the school.  


Music is all around at Kingfisher Primary!

Examples of our children enjoying their music sessions and being creative!

Private Music Lessons at Kingfisher

Watching Live Performances

Our KS1 children enjoyed an interactive performance by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Pupil Voice about Music


"I like singing row, row, row your boat." - Pola  - LKDN

"I like using the shakers and dancing to music." - Sebi -  LKDN

" I like music because you sing a lot." Oliver - YR

" I like singing songs and dancing." Thea - YR

" Music makes me happy." Amina - Y2

"Music makes my heart feel good." Theo - Y2

"I like singing because we learn lots of different songs." Jenna-Leigh - Y4

" It's fun playing the drums and pianos." Jess - Y4

" I like the sounds the instruments make." Harrison  - Y4

" Mr Frisby teaches us different instruments." Jess - Y5

" We have fun on the keyboards learning what the different notes are." Brooke - Y5

" We have fun playing the drums." Haiden  - Y5