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Y3 - Otters

Welcome to Otter Class! 

Otter Class is taught by Miss Broadribb with Miss Wolny as the Learning Support Assistant. Other staff members working with the class include Mr Frisby for Music on a Wednesday and Mr Bourne for PE on a Friday.

Updates throughout the year can be found on both this Class Page and on our School Twitter page. Below you will find a gallery of all the exciting learning activities that have taken place in Otter Class this year.

Solving Problems Involving Money


The children in Otter Class thoroughly enjoyed creating their own shops and taking it in turns to be both the customers and shop keepers. The children had to calculate the change and correct amounts mentally, as well as exchange with the bank for more change when they had the incorrect coins. The children enjoyed challenging themselves when choosing their prices for the different items and decide how much change they needed, if any. Excellent practical problem solving today, Otter Class!

Investigating Friction 


Otter Class enjoyed investigating the effects of friction on different surfaces for their toy cars on Friday. The children worked brilliantly when experimenting with different materials in their pairs and were able to decide whether their predictions were accurate too. Well done, Otter Class! 

Autumn Leaf Clay Pots


Otter Class did a fantastic job painting and completing their autumn leaf clay pots inspired by the work of Georgia O’Keefe this term. Their final products looked fabulous! Well done, Otters!

Performing Play Scripts 


Otter Class did a fantastic job performing their play scripts today and demonstrated excellent speaking and listening skills. It was lovely to see them projecting their voices and adding actions to make their performances more entertaining! Well done, Otter Class!

Art- Working with Clay 


The children loved exploring their moulding and shaping skills with the clay this afternoon. It was lovely to see them practising their skills before creating their final pieces next week. 

Clive Pig Visit- Celts Vs Romans


On Friday 7th October, Otter Class were fortunate enough to have a morning with the incredibly talented story teller- Clive Pig. In this gripping show, the children enjoyed a show from Bran a Celt from the Dumnonni Tribe, based in the South-West, and learnt lots of interesting facts about the Celt and Roman ways of life.  They loved looking at all his prop weapons and asking lots of interesting questions. The children also looked fabulous all dressed in yellow for Mental Health Awareness Day too! Well done, Otters!

Showcasing Great Writing 


Otter Class have worked incredibly hard with their narrative writing this term and have been working hard to create their own setting descriptions based on the wonderful work by Roald Dahl's BFG. The children have loved learning about Roald Dahl so far this year and have enjoyed exploring his different texts, including designing and creating their own chocolate bars inspired by Willy Wonka and looking at some of his poetry when looking at The Pig poem. The children loved practising their beautiful handwriting and worked incredibly hard when publishing their final pieces onto bordered paper to create these amazing displays. Thank you to Miss Wolny for her talented BFG template for this display in the corridor too! Amazing work done by all. 

French Speaking


Otter Class have loved developing their French speaking this term and are becoming more confident with using their French greetings. They can now use different greetings for saying hello and goodbye, say what their name is and say how old they are. Well done, Otters! 



Otter Class have had a brilliant start to Year 3 improving their Programming skills using Scratch. They are also becoming more confident with logging into the laptops and animating their sprite in different ways. It has been wonderful to watch their debugging skills develop over the past few weeks. The children have shown excellent teamwork skills too. Well done, Otter Class! 

European Day of Languages Day - German


Otter Class absolutely loved developing their knowledge of German for European Day of Languages. The children all looked brilliant wearing red, yellow and black representing the German flag. Throughout the day, the children located Germany on a map, learned key facts about Germany when creating a fact file, enjoyed trying some German food, practised their German numbers and solved addition problems using their knowledge and learnt some German greetings. It was lovely for the children to be joined by Year 2 in the hall to learn some of their German greetings and taste the yummy food. The children also loved learning how to sing Bruder Jakob on repeat with Miss Broadribb in the afternoon after watching a gripping performance from Tall Tails - where they performed and signed the whole production. Improving their knowledge of sign language too! It was lovely to see the children so immersed in language learning throughout the day. Well done, Otters! 

Romulus and Remus


Otter Class have settled in brilliantly to Year 3 and loved starting their Romans topic with learning how Rome developed its name. The children loved retelling the story of Romulus and Remus in a practical way and shared their performances very maturely with the rest of the class. Well done, Otters!