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Y3 - Otters

Welcome to Otter Class! 

Otter Class is taught by Miss Broadribb with Miss Wolny as the Learning Support Assistant. Other staff members working with the class include Mr Frisby for Music on a Wednesday and Mr Bourne for PE on a Friday.

Updates throughout the year can be found on both this Class Page and on our School Twitter page. Below you will find a gallery of all the exciting learning activities that have taken place in Otter Class this year.

Delightful Drawings- Viking Longboats


The children loved designing and drawing their Viking longboats in the style of Richard Benning this term and recreating some of his pieces in chalk. We clearly have some talented artists in the class. It has been lovely to see your passion for art grow this year. Well done, Otter Class! 

Powerful Poetry Recital Practise


In Otter Class, we have been working hard with learning our poems for the poetry recital. It was lovely to see the children sharing their performances when reading the poems with confidence and conviction. We clearly have some powerful poetry performers in the class. Well done, Otters! 

Victorious Viking Longboats


As part of our DT, the children have worked hard when making and designing their very own Viking Longboats this term. The children reinforced their boats with lolly pop sticks and card to make them stronger. They also showed great concentration and resilience when they dealt with fiddly aspects such as attaching the sail and making their hulls stand up. They showed great knowledge of the different parts of their longboats too! Well done, Otter Class, your final creations looked fabulous! 

Terrific Top Trumps


Otter Class have been busy designing and making their Top Trumps as part of their computing this term. It has been lovely to see them building their resilience when using PowerPoint and learning new skills like editing text boxes, adding shapes and importing pictures. Well done, Otter Class!

Cutting our Waste with Carymoor


We were incredibly lucky to have a visit from Gary at Carymoor to learn all about how we can reduce the amount of our waste and recycle more. The children loved classifying different types of rubbish and deciding which bin they should go in to be reduced, reused or recycled. It was lovely to see the children engaging with saving our environment. They even loved sharing our environmental song which we have been singing on YouTube with him. Well done, Otters!

Authentic Experiences: Virtual School Visit with Author Zohra Nabi

The Kingdom Over the Sea


Otter Class were fortunate enough to join a workshop with the incredibly talented Zohra Nabi, author of 'The Kingdom Over the Sea.' Zohra spoke at length about what her life is like as an author and shared a couple of extracts with the children from her latest book too. Zohra was incredibly passionate about writing and gaining inspiration. The children loved designing their own lands and inspiration during the workshop. Thank you Waterstones and Mrs Kerrigan for organising this special opportunity and a huge thank you to Zohra for giving up your time to share your insightful views. 

Resistant Rocks: Durability and Permeability Testing in Science


Today, we spent some more time investigating our different rocks. We worked in small groups to test the durability and permeability of the different rocks. The children showed great maturity when investigating and found that the slate and granite were the most durable with chalk as the least but chalk was the most permeable and absorbed the most water in. 

Scrumptious Soil 


Today, we had a great time making edible layers of soil as part of our rocks and soils topic. The children loved adding Bedrock (bourbons), the parent material (the parents' favourite digestives) , adding sticky sub soil (chocolate angel whip), then top soil (in the form of raisins) was put on top before adding our wriggly gummy worms who lived there and finally adding the organic material (green coloured coconut)! Great fun was had by all! Well done, Otter Class. 

Careful Computing: Investigating Top Trumps


As part of our Computing this term, the children have been researching and designing their own Top Trumps! It has been lovely to see them using technology safely when researching and designing their own Top Trumps. We are looking forward to using the laptops to finish creating them! 

Amazing Coronation Celebrations


This term, Otter Class have been working hard learning about how to write letters in English and improving their drawing skills. For the Coronation, the children all dressed as Kings or Queens or wore red, white and blue like the Union Jack. Throughout the day, the children learnt all about King Charles, wrote letters to him congratulating him on his Coronation, solved a Maths Code-breaker with facts about the Coronation and completed these beautifully impressive portraits using their drawing skills. In the afternoon, the children loved participating in a variety of games organised by Miss Jackson and the PTA. A great day was had by all!  

Intuitive Investigating: Rock Types


As part of our Science Rocks and Soils topic, the children loved exploring the different rocks and identifying the properties. It was lovely to see the children investigating with great maturity and rotating the rocks around their tables. Well done, Otter Class!

Creative Cake Competition Entries


Some of Otter Class loved contributing towards the Charity Cake Competition organised by our School Council. Thank you to Mr Green and the School Council for giving the children the opportunity to show off their baking skills. Well done to all who entered- the cakes tasted delicious! 

Perfecting Perimeter: Measuring the Playground


The children have loved investigating perimeter this week and showed great teamwork when investigating and estimating the perimeter of the playground. It was lovely to see the different strategies employed by the different teams. Well done, Otters! 


'Egg-cellent'  Easter Bonnets


Otter Class looked fabulous in their wonderful Easter Bonnets on the last day of term. Thank you to the families at home who had clearly worked hard to help them create their marvellous creations. The children were 'egg'static when sharing them with the rest of the school in the hall and all looked brilliant. Well done, everyone! Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break! 

'Egg-citing' Easter Crafts


The children loved making their Easter Cards for their loved ones this week. It was lovely to see the children working so hard when applying their collaging skills to layer the paper and make a 3-D card. The children worked hard to create these eye-catching designs and used their pen-work to personalise each one individually. Well done, Otters! 

Magical Military Kids Day


Otter Class looked wonderful wearing purple as part of Military Kids Day. It was lovely to see so many children making the effort to show their respect for the military children within our school. Well done to Mrs Streetin for organising a lovely day and Assembly!

Spectacular Shared Reading


Otter Class have loved developing their reading skills this term and enjoyed reading through this text together before answering some questions. The children worked brilliantly collaboratively and are really developing their expression when reading aloud. Well done, Otter Class!

Fabulous French Storytime 


The children loved being language detectives this week when identifying language in the French story. The use of repetition meant that they could identify the wording for the question 'Where are you?' - 'Ou as-tu?' and they were able to revisit their knowledge of farm animals and family members. Tres bien, Otters! 

Super Spring Poems

The children did a fantastic job this week when writing and sharing their Spring Poems. It has been wonderful to see their confidence blossom this year and to see them taking pride in their work. Their poems were really fantastic and it was lovely to hear them sharing them with their peers. Well done, Otters! 

Shining Stitching Skills


The children have worked hard to develop their resilience and perseverance through their sewing skills this Spring term. They have worked hard on their pencil cases and are incredibly proud of their final products. Well done, Otters! 

Outstanding Orienteering: Roman Numerals


The children did a fantastic job when using their problem solving skills today to solve their Roman Numeral orienteering tasks. They had a great time finding the numerals around the playground, writing down their value and organising them in order. Well done, children! You should be very proud of yourselves. 

Magnificent Mother's Day Collages


Otter Class have worked incredibly hard this term developing their collaging skills for Mother's Day. The children all made a beautiful collaged cupcake stand to give to their mums and used a range of techniques. The attention to detail was wonderful and the children were incredibly proud of their creations! 

Exciting Energy: Looking at Kingfisher’s Energy Use 


Year 3 were fortunate enough to have a visit with Richard who was looking at our energy usage at Kingfisher. He brought with him a thermal imaging camera which the children were ecstatic to have a go with and he answered lots of useful questions about how to reduce energy. Thank you for your time and enthusiasm Richard, the children really enjoyed your visit. Well done, Otters for asking such insightful questions! 

Interesting Investigating: Light and Shadows


This term, we are learning all about Light and Shadows in Science. The children have been doing a brilliant job when investigating the different shadows created by different objects and developing their knowledge of opaque, transparent and translucent materials. It has been lovely to see such brilliant teamwork. Well done, Otter Class! 

Perfecting Practising: Sewing Skills


This term, we are working hard on developing our sewing skills with the aim to make our own pencil cases. The children are working hard at experimenting with different types of stitches and building resilience and concentration when threading needles. Well done, Otter Class!