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Kingfisher Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust.

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YR - Minnows

Minnow class is taught by Miss Rogers and is supported by Mrs Francis, Miss Darch and Mrs Ostridge. Other adults who work in the class are Mr Frisby (teaching music on a Wednesday) and Mr Bourne (teaching PE on a Monday).


Below you will find a gallery of all the exciting learning and activities that have taken place in Reception this year.

Starting school in September.

The children got used to the school. They worked on making friends, sharing with others, becoming very creative and started to form and recognise their numbers. 

Autumn walk 

The children went on a walk around school. We looked for signs of Autumn and found lots of yellow, red and orange leaves. We collected lots of sticks to make Hedgehogs and to help us remember all the facts we learnt about them.

Family Learning Day 

We had lots of fun showing our parents the School grounds. We worked with the adults and used natural resources to create some beautiful pictures, bird feeders and built some homes for animals to stay safe in. 

Pete the Poet

Minnow Class had lots of fun having Pete the Poet in. We got to play lots of different instruments and made up some amazing songs to help us with our rhyming. We enjoyed dressing up and getting into lots of different roles, including being animals with the puppets. 

Starting to segment our sounds

The children in Minnow Class have done some amazing letter formation and segmenting of words, using their phonics sounds they have learnt. We have been working really hard on getting our letters the right height and sitting them on the line. 

Ice Cream!

Noodles Ice Cream came and visited school. Minnow Class were wowed by the size of their ice creams, some were bigger than their faces! 

We got really messy, as the ice creams were very tasty. 

Number forming 

We have been working really hard to form our numbers up to 10. The children use our number rhyme to help them remember the correct way to form them. 

Snow globes

We used our Nativity pictures to create some great personalised snow globes. Minnow Class chose their favorite colours, cut out their Nativity pictures, poured the water and glitter into the jars and then put the lids on and added some ribbon to decorate them. 

We discussed how we needed to protect the paper with their pictures on, by laminating them, as otherwise they would get wet and broken. 

Christmas baking 

For Christmas, we created some Christmas Puddings using Rice Krispies. The children mixed together the melted marshmallows, chocolate, butter and Rice Krispies. They then shaped them into a sphere (one of our 3D shapes we had learnt about), adding white chocolate on the top and then finishing them off by rolling and shaping icing to make them look like holly and red berries. 

Reading simple sentences 

Minnow Class have started to use their knowledge learnt to read simple sentences. They have used their sounds learnt, as well as tricky words to read sentences and match them with the corresponding pictures.


Making CVC words

We have been working really hard in Minnow Class to try and create some CVC words. The children have been listening for initial sounds in words and then using their sounds to segment the rest. Some of us have pushed ourselves even further to try and spell some CVCC. 

All things birds

The children enjoyed making feeders, putting them up in our field for the birds and investigating the environment to see if they could spot any species of birds or some of their habitats and food sources.

The children used binoculars and magnifying glasses to study this closer.

We can’t wait to see if the birds have enjoyed our creations. 

Chinese New Year 

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year in Minnow Class. The children have loved learning about a different culture. We have spoke about it being the year of the tiger and have worked out that the children in our class were born in the year of monkeys or roosters.The children created some beautiful pictures of dragons and got to take part in writing numbers in a different language.

Internet Safety Day 

In Minnow Class for Internet Safety Day, we have been creating some of our own safe games. We have spoke about how a game can be safe and fun and the children came up with some amazing game ideas! 

We have also discussed what we would do if we saw a message pop up on any of our devices and came up with stop, think and tell. The children wrote this down alongside some pictures to help them remember it.

Pancake Day

This week we have been learning about pancake day.

We wrote the ingredients we needed to make them and then we wrote some instructions. 
We used the instructions to help us make them and then, the best bit, we got to eat them! 

World Book Day

We had some amazing costumes for World Book Day this year. 
We also created some beautiful writing on our outfits! 


This term we have been learning about 'growth'. We have explored plants and what they need to grow. The children have planted some vegetables and flowers and are super excited to be able to eat the vegetables when they have grown fully (we are already seeing some of them grow already!).

Problem solving day 

Minnow Class had a fun day doing all things Maths. We did some great problem solving tasks, including adding, spider web matching challenge, superhero number game with padlocks and lots more exciting things. We had such a fun day!

Dance Day

This year in Minnow Class we celebrated Dance Day. Keri came to our school and taught us some really cool moves. We then put these moves into a beautiful dance. 

Geography Day

This week we participated in Geography Day. We were given the continent Europe to study. We enjoyed learning about different countries in this continent. We did word searches, puzzles, writing, colouring and maths all based on Europe. The children were able to recall some amazing facts and create some beautiful pictures.

Our school trip to Magdalen Farm

The children had the most AMAZING time at Magdalen farm.
We were very busy. We planted some seeds and watered the existing ones, tried some new foods- dill, lettuce and coriander, we got to meet lots of animals- bugs, piglets, goats, horses, chickens and learnt about feeding them and some facts about them. 

The Queens Jubilee 

Today we have been getting arty with some beautiful personalised Queen themed crafts. The children made a suncatchers using Union Jack colours, we had lots of amazing different designs. 
We also loved our Jubilee themed lunch 🇬🇧

The Queen

Today we have been seeing if we can draw the rest of the Queen’s portrait. Lots of the children were very careful and took their time looking at her. We had some great representations.

Fathers Day

We loved welcoming our Dads into the classroom for Fathers Day celebrations.

We got to show them our school books, around our classroom and outdoor area. 
We were able to give our Dads some bacon baps and tea/coffee.

The Three Little Pigs

We have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs this week.

We have retold the story in our writing, made the different houses in the story and created some beautiful masks to role play with. 
We have also made some art of the wolf and used our knowledge of 2D shapes to create the pigs from the story.