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Kingfisher Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust.

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Y6 - Owls

Owl class are taught by Mr Pidgeon and Miss Ellery. The children have PE on Wednesdays ( Swimming for the first half term) and Fridays with Mr Bourne. On Tuesdays, the children have music with Mr Frisby. 

The class page and school twitter page will provide updates on all the brilliant and varied learning experiences the year 6s will have this year. 

Art skills


As part of their first art unit studying the work of Vincent Van Gogh, year 6 spent some time exploring how to create the effects in his work using only a brush and paint. 

Outdoor Learning 


This week the children have created Rangoli patterns using natural resources. While collecting the items, the children were able to learn about what the leaves, berries and trees are. 

Languages day: Italy


This year for Language's day, the children of year 6 were able to learn basic greeting such as ciao and phrases such as grazie. As well as this, the children tasted food from Italy and were even brave enough to try the olives! to help them learn colours, the children created masks and had to ask and name the colours on them in Italian. Finally, the children played bingo to help them learn the numbers to 20. 

RSPCA Workshop

The RSPCA came into school to deliver a workshop on how to care for animals especially around the time of year of Bonfire night. The children were able to take part in the workshop and created their own conker comets: a eco-friendly firework. 

World Mental Health Day

This year for world mental health day, year 6 took part in a range of activities. Local group Razzamataz came in to deliver a workshop on performing arts and mental health. Mrs Streetin lead a session on how to process and work with emotions. In this session, all the children created their own calming bottle. 

DT: Balloon cars

For their Design and technology unit, year 6 designed and created their own balloon cars. There were a range of incredibly innovative and unique designs. Once the children had created them, they tested their product and evaluated its successes and areas that could have been improved. 

Art: Van Gogh 

This half term, the children studied the work of Vicent Van Gogh. The children explored texturing and creating different brush strokes. The final pieces created were incredible. 

Cool Aeronautics 


The children were able to take part in the Cool Aeronautics run by Leonardo. This brilliant workshop was a great experience for the children where they were able to work as group to produce a final product. The innovative designs from the children were incredible to see. 

Cool Aeronautics 

The children of year 6 were able to take part in the Cool Aeronautics day run by Leonardo. The day was a combination of problem solving, design and creation. The children created some amazing creations and thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

Optician Visit 

Year 6 were visited by Simon the optician. He was able to talk us through the role of the eye and the differing functions the parts complete. As well as this, Simon told us about common illness and showed how they can affect the eye. Then year 6 were shown various optical illusions and Simon explained how the eye is tricked into seeing objects that aren’t there.

RLNI Visit 

During the visit from Tony from the RLNI, the children were discussing and learning about water safety. Some of the children were able to dress in the uniform of the various RLNI roles. It was great to hear how much the children knew about water safety and to see the extra vital information Tony taught them. 

Collage final pieces 

This half term the children studied the artist Elieen Agar. Her work on surrealism inspired the children to create these fantastic works of art. 

Ferne Animal Sanctuary 

The children were visited by Ferne Animal Sanctuary and the lovely Sharon. She told the children about the history of Ferne and how the charity works today. It was great to see how the animals are looked after and how much knowledge the children had on this subject. 

Design and Technology 

This half term, the children designed and created their own Christmas themed sweets. The children explored taste, texture and packaging. The unique and varied designs showed the innovative products the children made. 

PSHE visit from Lifebus. 

The children of year 6 took part in a workshop run by Lifebus centred on mental wellbeing. During the workshop, children explored the key threads of wellbeing and how to support their own mental wellbeing. 

Road safety workshop

This week children were visited by Somerset highways, who delivered a refresher on road safety. The workshop focused on the key rules of the road and how to stay safe on the road at all times. A valuable lesson and a workshop full of brilliant thoughts and reflections from the year 6 children. 

Reading swap

Year 6 had a great time reading with children from year 3. Firstly, the children from year 6 heard the children from year 3 read and then asked them questions about the book that they were reading. 

Design and Technology: crochet 

Always one of the best units of the year, this year's year 6s loved learning to crochet and creating their own product. What was most pleasing about the unit was the resilience shown when learning how to crochet and the joy the children felt when they made their first item. 

Art: clay sculpture 

During the unit studying the artist: Viktor Spinski, year 6 explored how to create realistic pieces of art work using texturing and colour. The incredible designs used some many differing texture techniques, it was hard to tell if the final project items were real or sculptures!


Computing day:

For computing day, year 6 explored a range of differing activities including older technology, Beebots and coding using microbits. The children enjoyed exploring the various different activities and creating their outcomes on the microbits.  

Outdoor Learning:

This half term the children have continued with Outdoor Learning. They have enjoyed the opportunity to extend their learning to the outdoor area and the change to create and use nature's resources. 

First Aid: 

The children were able to take part in a first aid workshop. This session allowed them to learn the basics of first aid and how to treat a casualty. The children enjoyed learning these valuable life skills especially the bandaging.