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Y2 - Mallard

Welcome to Mallard Class.


Mallard Class is taught by Miss Jones with Mrs Evans as a Teaching Assistant and Mrs Ostridge as a Learning Support Assistant. Other staff members working with the class include Mr Frisby for Music on a Wednesday and Mr Bourne for PE on a Monday.

Updates throughout the year can be found on both this Class Page and on our School Twitter page. Below you will find a gallery of all the exciting learning activities that have taken place in Mallard Class this year.

Easter Bonnets

We had some lovely and creative Easter bonnets in Mallard Class this year! You all looked ‘egg’cellent! 

Wonder Dome

We were very lucky today to be able to step into space through the wonder dome! The children loved learning about space and the different planets! What a treat!

Burning Tudor Houses

The children were very excited today to burn their Tudor houses. Before, burning the houses the children were reminded of the first safety rules. When we burnt the houses on the fire pit, it emphasised just how quickly fire can spread and helped to consolidate the children’s understanding of why the Great Fire of London spread so quickly! I was very impressed with the knowledge that the children were desperate to share with Mrs Huggins about the Great Fire of London. Well done, everyone! 

Making Tudor Houses

Our DT project this term, was to design and make a Tudor house based on a design criteria. The children demonstrated excellent painting, cutting and carving techniques and worked hard to fit the design brief. To make the houses look authentic, the children painted their cereal boxes white, added black beams and straw for the thatched roof and some even added red and orange tissue paper to create the illusion of fire. I was very impressed with their final products! Well done, Mallard! 

Printings using Natural Resources 🍁🍂🍃

In outdoor learning, the children applied their knowledge of printing techniques to create a printed art piece using natural resources. 


Finger Printing 

In Art today, the children explored the technique of finger printing to create a picture. The children enjoyed getting creative and using a range of colours to replicate an already existing piece of art. 

Computing Day

Today, the children had a fabulous day taking part in a range of different computing activities. First, the class enjoyed creating information PowerPoints about a topic of their choice with a partner from Year 4. In doing so, they explored how to add pictures, animations and background styles to their presentations and learnt how to change text size, font and colour. Later, the children touched up on their programming knowledge using the bee bots and the codapillars. The children loved making different paths using blocks and shapes to navigate their bee bots through. Finally, the class had a chance to explore old technology ranging from game boys to typewriters. The whole class was totally amazed at how technology has changed!

Worm Houses 

Today, the children worked in groups to make their own worm houses. The children followed instructions to make their worm houses as comfortable as possible for their new inhabitants before keenly selecting their new occupants. 

Great Fire of London Workshop 🔥

Today, we were very lucky to have a visit from Sharon who works at the South West Heritage Trust. Sharon spoke with the children about the Great Fire of London and the children were thrilled to share their knowledge with her. The class took part in various activities including writing with a quill and ink, exploring a range of historical artefacts, dressing up in 17th century clothing and even reenacting putting out the fire using buckets and water. It was a fabulous afternoon enjoyed by all the children. Thank you, Sharon! 

Egg Shell ‘Egg’speriment 🥚

In Science, the children conducted a test to find out the worst liquid for our teeth. We used egg shells to emulate the enamel of our teeth. We tested various liquids including, orange juice, milk, vinegar, cola and water. Throughout the experiment, the children were keen to check on the impact of the liquids on the eggs and after 2 weeks we finally got to see the results. We found that vinegar was the most harmful for our teeth because it caused the most damage to the egg shell. 


In Art this term, our area of focus has been printing. Today, the children practised the technique of rolling using acrylic paints and rollers. The children came up with their own designs using primary colours. 

Clay Sculptures

In Outdoor Learning today, the children went on a scavenger hunt around the school grounds to collect natural objects for their clay sculptures. When we returned with the resources the children made their sculptures and they looked amazing with so many different and creative designs! 

Washing Hands Experiment

In Science, we conducted a test to find out the most effective way to wash our hands. We tested cold water, warm water and warm water and soap. Before the experiment the children made their predictions. We used glitter to replicate the germs. After the test, we found that the best way to wash your hands was with soap and warm water. The experiment highlighted to the children that we can’t always see germs so it’s important to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap in order to get rid of germs.

Making Pictograms

In Computing, the children used the iPads to create pictograms. We discussed how using technology can make data collection much easier and quicker. 

Threading Leaves

In outdoor learning today, the children were practising their threading skills by piercing holes in leaves and then threading wool through the holes. The children demonstrated excellent patience and perseverance during this task. 

Healthy Pizzas 🍕 

Today, the children were finally able to make their healthy pizzas following their design criteria. The children were challenged to include at least 2 healthy ingredients on their pizza to meet the design brief. I was very impressed with their final outcomes and it is safe to say the children loved evaluating their pizzas by means of eating them! 

Church Visit

Today, Mallard and Dragonfly Class took a trip to St James’ Church to learn all about the different Christian symbols. The children enjoyed listening to a parable from David and later exploring the church and doing some rubbings. 

Guide Dog Visit

A huge thank you Iris who brought Kim and Corey into school today. Kim is a retired guide dog and Corey is a puppy in training. The children learned about their important work and how much they change lives. They even got a chance to pet the lovely dogs at the end of the session. 

Music Day

What a brilliant day it was today! The children absolutely loved exploring a range of different musical activities. They started the day using the boomwhackers and then enjoyed learning to play the recorder with Miss Broadribb. Later on in the day, the children enjoyed a session with Miss Hegarty where lots of dancing and fun was taking place. To finish the day, we were treated to an excellent performance from the Yeovil Ukulele Club.  

Pizza Toppings

Today, the children were very lucky to be able to taste and evaluate a range of different pizza toppings for their own pizza designs. It was safe to say some toppings were more popular than others! 

Warm and Cool Colours

As part of our painting topic this term, Mallard Class were exploring warm and cool colours. The children used the work of Robert and Sonia Delaunay to create their own painting using warm and cool colours on opposite sides of their paintings. Well done, Mallard- your work looked amazing! 

The Importance of Exercise

As part of our ‘Animals including Humans’ topic in Science, we explored the importance of exercise for humans today. The children participated in a range of different physical activities and then took their pulses after. The children were able to recognise the changes that happen to our bodies when we exercise and describe how it makes us feel. 

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Today, the children were challenged to an outdoor treasure hunt. Using their checklist the children had to try and find as many items around the school site as they could. It’s safe to say the children loved exploring nature and being outside in the great outdoors. Well done, Mallard! 


In Art today, the children were exploring the technique of tinting by adding white to their chosen colour for each stroke. The children used Paul Klee’s ‘Separation of the Evening’ to inspire their paintings. 

Road Safety

We were very lucky to have a visit from Somerset Road Safety today. The children were very engaged throughout the session and demonstrated excellent knowledge about the dangers and precautions they should take when out and about. Well done, Mallard! 

Bread Tasting

As part of our ‘Perfect Pizzas’ DT project this term, the children were busy evaluating a range of different bread based products to find the perfect base for our pizzas.


This term, we have been really lucky to have Hollie in school providing mindfulness and wellbeing workshops every week. The children absolutley loved learning the different techniques that Hollie has been teaching them to help regulate their emotions and take care of their mental health.

Making Fires

Today, the children had a fantastic time learning how to make a fire with a flint. I was so impressed with the perseverance demonstrated by all the children in what was quite a tricky challenge and how brilliantly they followed the safety rules. Well done, Mallard! 

Coram Life Bus Visit

Mallard Class were very lucky this week to have a workshop with Life Bus. They loved seeing Harold the giraffe again and enjoyed learning all about how we can look after our mental health. 

Colour Wheel

In Art today, the children were exploring colour mixing. They mixed primary colours to make secondary colours and secondary colours to make tertiary colours. 

Animal Dens

In outdoor learning today, the children used old Christmas trees and other natural resources found on the school site to create their own animal dens. It was so much fun and the children were very pleased with their results!

Primary Colours

In Art this week, the children were learning about primary colours. We explored the work of Kazimir Malevich and then the class created their own version of his art work using only primary colours. 


Over the past few weeks, Mallard Class have been busy practising their nativity. They have all done a fantastic job learning their lines and practising the songs. Well done, Mallard! 


Sadly, due to the weather conditions, outdoor learning took place inside today. However, the children had a brilliant time making their own Stickman and then listening to the story read by Mrs Huggins. As a bonus, the children each had a hot chocolate with biscuits! 

Information Text

Today, the children enjoyed using the iPads to research rainforests for their information texts. 

Library Visit

Today, Mallard Class enjoyed visiting the library to explore the features of non-fiction texts. 

Leaf Wreaths 

In outdoor learning today, the children made their own Christmas wreaths made from the leaves they each collected on the school site. 

Sewing Skills

In preparation for our DT project, the children have been busy practising their sewing skills today. 

Mini Beasts

Today in outdoor learning, the children were exploring micro-habitats and the insects that can be found in them. This tied in very nicely with our Science topic on habitats this term. The children absolutely loved using the scientific apparatus to examine the insects found. 

Outdoor Learning

In outdoor learning today, the children were exploring and identifying different types of leaves. 

Eco Day 🌎

As part of Eco day, the children enjoyed a fantastic virtual reality workshop where they explored the impact of climate change on our planet. It was a brilliant experience and the children came away with lots of knowledge about what causes climate change and how we can play a small part in reducing our carbon footprint. The children then applied this knowledge and created a poster giving tips on how we can save our planet.

In Science, we explored the impact of climate change on polar habitats. We carried out an investigation using blocks of ice and polar animal figures. We measured the water level before leaving it for an hour and then measuring the water levels again. We discovered that when the ice melted the water levels rose which ultimately resulted in the loss of polar habitats. 

Cleaning Pennies

In science today, the children conducted a test to find out which household item would be the best at cleaning a penny. We discussed the importance of a fair test and keeping everything the same except for the different liquids we were using. Before popping the pennies in the liquids the children made their predictions. We can’t wait to find out the results of our investigation after half term! 

Moving Vehicles

In DT this term, the children designed their own moving vehicles and today the children were able to finish and evaluate their final products. The children demonstrated their knowledge of axles and chassis and showed that they could use a range of different materials and equipment carefully following a design criteria. Well done, Mallards! 


Today, we had a visit from the RSPCA who delivered a fantastic workshop all about helping to look after our pets and wildlife on bonfire night. The children made pledges about what they can do to help and made their own fireworks from conkers. 


in Computing this term we have been learning how to programme different devices using algorithms. Today, the children put their knowledge to the test and programmed the bee-bots to perform simple moves following the instruction cards. 

Testing Absorbency

In Science today, the children tested a range of different materials for their absorbency. Before carrying out our investigation the children made their predictions. We then got hands on and tested the different materials and recorded the results in a table. We found out that the most absorbent material was the fabric because it soaked up the most water. 

Mental Health Day

Today, the children took part in a range of different activities for Mental Health Day. The children absolutely loved their workshop with Razzmatazz and enjoyed learning about different strategies to help them regulate their emotions with Mrs Streetin. The glitter bottles were an enormous hit with them all!