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Y6 - Owls

Starry night 

This half term the children have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh. Throughout the term, the children have explored using differing brush strokes and contrasting colours. The children were able to implement their designs and imitate the work of Van Gogh in the final pieces. There are some incredible pieces of work, which were produced. 



Design Technology 


This half term the children have designed and created balloon cars. The design brief was to create a car, which was both practical and appealing to the clients. The innovative designs were incredible to see. The children worked hard to develop their skills with measuring and designing. 



A group of mixed year 5 and 6s took part in the two-day bike handling and road safety course. The children showed excellent improvements in their bike handling and their knowledge of road safety. It was brilliant to see how well the children did on this course. 

Scarf(P.S.H.E) workshop 

In January, Helen from Coram Life Education came in to deliver a workshop to the children on choices. The children were taken through many different situations and discussed that would be the best outcome and what they would do in these situations. It was great to see the excellent discussions that the group had on how they would stay safe. 

Design and Technology ( sweet making) 

As an outcome to the recent Design and Technology unit, the children were tasked with creating, designing and making an edible treat. The children worked on taste combinations and explore the textures their final design should have. The final products were all so mouth-watering and innovative. 

Art: Sculpture 

Throughout the topic on sculpture, year 6 have been studying the work of Victor Spinski. The blue collar inspired pieces, which used incredible textures to make the sculpture look like it was real were the inspiration for the class. Their final pieces and the earlier test pieces allowed the children to refine their sculpting skills. 

Design and Technology ( Textiles) 

During this unit on textiles, the children designed and made their own crochet bands. For many this was they had attempted crochet and it was so pleasing to see their effort and resilience during this task.