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Kingfisher Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust.

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Welly Walks

At Little Kingfishers' Day Nursery, we enjoy going outdoors and exploring in all weathers. We understand that welly walks provide a range of cross-curricular opportunities whilst providing children with fresh air and a chance to develop many of their gross motor skills.


During our welly walks children will be given opportunities to explore nature, wildlife and the world around them whilst being creative and inquisitive. 


We believe children are very curious to learn about the environment that surrounds them. Therefore, we provide children with the opportunity to plant and tend to our gardens. We understand that being in the garden provides the opportunity to explore different smells, senses and tastes whilst giving them opportunities to observe plants overtime to see and understand how they grow.


The children at Little Kingfishers' have ample of opportunities to cook. We know the importance of trying new food and believe that cooking is a great way of introducing a range of foods to your child.


Children have the opportunity to prepare, cook, bake and eat the things they make at nursery and are involved with every step. We use cooking as a cross-curricular learning activity and enjoy using it to support our mathematics, science and communication and language.


Nursery enjoy regular music sessions throughout the week with daily singing often being a highlight of the nursery day. Children enjoy singing a variety of familiar nursery rhymes and exploring different musical instruments.


They have regular opportunities to express themselves through music and begin to learn simple musical concepts such as noise, beats, pitch and rhythm.


At Little Kingfishers' Children benefit from our weekly yoga sessions. Yoga has helped our children with developing their physical strength and extending their understanding of their muscles and the different ways these can be used.


Our yoga sessions also promote mindfulness, where we teach the children techniques to stay calm and work on different breathing methods which can then be transferred into the real world.


At Little Kingfishers' we understand the importance of physical education and how regular sessions will contribute to healthy, confident and independent children. At nursery children will be given opportunities to move, jump, balance, roll, throw and catch, each week in order to aid the growth of their muscles and bones.