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Y3 - Otters

Welcome to Otter Class! 

Otter Class is taught by Miss Broadribb with Miss Wolny, Mrs Streetin and Mrs Williams as the Learning Support Assistants. Other staff members working with the class include Mr Frisby for Music on a Wednesday and Mr Bourne for PE on a Friday.

Updates throughout the year can be found on both this Class Page and on our School Twitter page. Below you will find a gallery of all the exciting learning activities that have taken place in Otter Class this year.

Powerful Poetry- Pete the Poet


Today, the children thoroughly enjoyed a workshop with the incredibly talented Pete the Poet. They were focussing on diversity and loved taking part rapping with him and helping to create their own stories. There was lots of dressing up and play involved too - each child making friends with their own cuddly companion. Thank you, Pete for your time this afternoon, the children had a fabulous time! 

Fantastic Fossils- Charming Charmouth Visit

The children had a fantastic time on their trip to Charmouth whereby they engaged in a fossil hunting workshop and loved identifying and finding ammonites and belenites on the beach. It was a glorious day and the children loved doing some team building on the beach in the afternoon too. Look at some of their fantastic fossils! Thank you to our wonderful parent helpers for helping us with our day too! Well done, Otters.  

Wonderful Wonderdome 

Today, the children had a wonderful time learning about the planets in the ‘Wonderdome’. They started with the solar system and went through all the planets which were projected onto the dome. Then, they moved onto the moon, luna cycle and space travel. The children were also allowed to ask lots of interesting questions. 
They were all fascinated by it all, with lots of ‘wows’ as they watched all the planets and the stars above them. Thank you for visiting us today! 

Practical Pencil Cases 


This term, the children combined their research, sewing skills and designs to create these wonderful pencil cases. They showed great perseverance, determination and resilience as at times the stitching was quite challenging! The children are all very proud of their creations. Well done, Otters! 

Colourful Cupcake Collages


The children have loved exploring different collaging techniques including ripping, tearing, cutting and overlapping. They have been working hard to create a collaged cupcake stand using great resilience and determination. Here are their final creations which we think look delightful! Well done, Otters! 

Amazing Anglo-Saxons - Somerset Rural Life Museum 


Otter Class had a fantastic time at the Somerset Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury. They learnt all about the battles between the Anglo-Saxon King Alfred the Great and Guthrum (leader of the Vikings) through a Battle reenactment of the Battle at Edington. They also developed their chronology, practised writing in Anglo Saxon runes and learned all about the Anglo Saxon burhs (fortified towns) established by King Alfred. The children then had a self guided tour of the museum which they all thoroughly enjoyed. A great day was had by all- many thanks to the Somerset Rural Life Museum for having us. 

Super Shadows! 


Otter Class have loved our light topic this half term and especially have enjoyed exploring shadows. Here they are investigating how the shadow changes when the light source is moved. They then concluded their investigations and checked their findings against their predictions. Super work, Otter Class! 

Exciting Embellishments 


Today we focussed on sewing embellishments onto our pencil cases. The children loved recognising the different stitches which they needed to use to attach buttons and beads. They used a cross stitch for their buttons and running stitch for their beads. They were very proud of what they created and showed great resilience! Well done, Otter Class! 

Cracking Computing Day 


Miss Hegarty organised a brilliant computing day for the whole school to enjoy. The children loved our computing museum set up in the dance studio, experimenting with data branching and exploring the microbits. A great day was had by all! Thank you, Miss Hegarty! 

Super Stitching! 

Otter Class are working incredibly hard with their sewing skills in DT in preparation for making their very own pencil cases! Here they are practising some different stitch types. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Otter Class would like to wish all the special women in their lives a Happy Mother’s Day! Here they are applying their collaging techniques from Art to create their wonderful cards. Well done, Otters! 

Wonderful World Book Day! 

The children had a fabulous day for World Book Day today. They all looked wonderful in their costumes so thank you parents for taking so much time and effort in getting them organised for the day. We started the day with a brilliant assembly hosted by Mrs Kerrigan and author Sarah Oliver. The class then loved becoming their own authors when drafting their own stories inspired by our class text Kingdom Over the Sea by Zohra Nabi. In the afternoon, the children had a brilliant time applying their collaging skills with some gradient work when recreating her book cover using oil pastilles before enjoying a Rock Up and Read session. Thank you Mrs Kerrigan for a wonderful day! 

Vital Volunteers


As part of our PSHE topic on ‘Roles and Respect’, the children loved learning about what a volunteer is and showing respect for them through drawing a portrait. The children showed a lot of respect towards all our ‘Helpful Volunteers’ around school and loved identifying those who help us voluntarily. It was lovely to see them acknowledging the work of their council members across the school too! Thank you to everyone who helps to make our community a better place. 

Interesting Investigating 


As part of our Light topic, the children have loved investigating how light travels through different objects. In this lesson, they were investigating how the darkness of shadows is affected based on whether an object is opaque, translucent or transparent. The children were shocked to discover their school jumpers were translucent! Super investigating, Otter Class! 

Fantastic First Aid


The children were incredibly privileged to be visited by Ash and be taught some basics in First Aid. They learnt how to do CPR, put someone in the recovery position, deal with choking and administer different bandages for different injuries. A great session, well done Otter Class! 

Remarkable Runes 


The children had a brilliant session in outdoor learning whereby they were using mud as paint for writing Anglo-Saxon runes. The children were very engaged and loved learning to write their names and messages. Thank you Mrs Huggins for a fantastic session! 

Interesting Internet Safety Day 


Otter Class had a brilliant day as part of Internet Safety Day. Miss Hegarty organised a great day for us all. The children wrote some fantastic speeches urging people to stay safe online and also enjoyed an interactive quiz from the digital leaders. We also completed some internet safety posters in the afternoon. Well done, Otters!

Super Stop-Frame Animations! 


The children have loved applying their learnt methods when using the iPads, focussing on creating their own stop-frame animations. This week, they focused on creating a drawing tutorial for a KS1 child for a flower. As an extension, some children created an animation for the needs of a flowering plant. It was great to see them using the onion skinning tool more effectively this week. Well done, Otters! 

A Great Guide Dog Visit


Year 3 loved joining with Year 4 to meet Iris and her recently retired guide dog, Kim come into school. It was lovely to meet them both and the children loved learning about the role of the guide dogs and their training! Kim was beautiful and so well behaved. Thank you so much for visiting our children- it was brilliant! 

Nonsensical Nonsense Poems


The children absolutely loved studying poetry this week and focussing on Spike Milligan's On the Ning Nang Nong. They loved creating their second verses of their own made up planets and enjoyed sharing these with each other. They weren't the easiest poems to read aloud and great concentration was required by all. Well done, Otters, you should be very proud of yourselves! 



Magnificent Music Day


Otter Class had a fantastic music day! They started the day singing while it was all hands on deck when decorating the backdrop which will be used for their very own Bee Musical. Afterwards, the children enjoyed an African drumming workshop with Mr Green. They then made their own music while using the iPads in Year 5. They visited Mr Frisby where they practised more singing for their performance in a couple weeks time and learned some recorder skills with Miss Broadribb before going to Assembly to watch the Yeovil Ukulele Group perform. A brilliant day was had by all! Special thanks to Mrs Kerrigan and Mr Frisby for organising such a magnificent day.   

Vital Road Safety 


Today, the children had a brilliant time learning about Road Safety and the need to keep safe as we travel. We learnt lots about how and where to cross the road, as well as safe ways to use our bikes and scooters responsibly. We talked about the importance of wearing helmets on bikes and scooters and to ride them carefully. The children were very knowledgeable and asked lots of useful questions! Well done, Otters!  

A Successful SCARF visit!


The children absolutely loved seeing Harold again with this years focus on Health and Mental wellbeing. The children all showed great maturity and were really engaged by the session. Thank you for visiting us again and well done, Otters!

Awesome Outdoor Learning! 


We are very fortunate to be having sessions with the fabulous Mrs Huggins again this term. This term's theme for Outdoor Learning is Everything Anglo-Saxon! So far, the children have loved making Anglo-Saxon houses and making an Anglo-Saxon stew. We can't wait to see what we get to do next week!  Great team building and resilience have been shown by all. Well done, Otters!

Cracking Computing!


This term in Computing, we are focussing on creating our own stop-frame animations. Here the children are learning all about the original form of stop-frame animation- the flipbook! They loved making their own flipbooks using post-it notes. 

Marvellous Money Problems


Otter Class had a brilliant time when solving money word problems this week. They were all able to problem solve and find various combinations of coins for different amounts. Great exchanging was used when they realised they didn't have the coins that they wanted. Well done, Otter Class! 

Fantastic French! 

Body Parts

Otter Class have been busy learning the body parts in French since returning to school from Christmas. They loved singing head shoulders knees and feet and did brilliant actions- tres bien!  

Spring Term 2024

Elf-tastic Visit 


Otter Class loved their visit from Elfie this morning. A perfect way to end a busy term! They loved giving Elfie a high five and having a photo taken with him! Have a fantastic Christmas break, Otters! Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2024. 

Fabulous French - Nicolas the Monster


Otter Class loved applying their French vocabulary from this term when reading this story! It was great to see them being such brilliant language detectives! Tres bien, Otters!

Wonderful Winter Poems


The children loved writing their wonderful winter poems today and sharing them with the class. Some of the rhyming was phenomenal! Well done, Otters! 

Magical Mince Pies


This afternoon, the children loved going out in small groups with the wonderful Miss Wolny to make some delicious mince pies to go inside their Christmas boxes. The children loved cutting the pastry and filling the cases with their delicious mince meat. A great session was had by all!

Dazzling DT Boxes


The children loved making their dazzling DT boxes to hold a mince pie for a loved one. As you can see, they were incredibly proud of the final result! They researched different packaging, learned about the importance of copyright, made a prototype and carefully crafted their final products before finally evaluating them. Well done, Otters! 

Divine Drawings


This term, Otter Class have been developing their knowledge of sketching and drawing through examining the work and style of Edward Hopper. They were given the task of designing a winter scene incorporating a landscape and lots of light and shadow with varying degrees of shading. Some of the results they produced were extraordinary and the children were incredibly proud of their final pieces. Well done, Otter Class! 

Wonderful Wessex Water Visit


Otter Class were fortunate enough to be visited by the amazing Tim from Wessex Water this afternoon. The children loved learning about the Water Cycle and exploring how the water gets filtered at the reservoir in order for it to be safe to drink! The children loved making their own water filters and exploring the practical activities. Thank you Tim for taking the time to teach the children about the importance of conserving water and ensuring water is safe too.