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Welcome to our Kingfisher Primary Eco-Council Page! 


Here at Kingfisher Primary School, we believe the children are at the core of what we do and are the future of our world. Our Eco-Councillors are a group of individuals who feel passionately about the world in which we live in and want to make Kingfisher a more sustainable and eco-friendly place to be. These children were selected by their peers to represent and share their classes ideas and they meet regularly with Miss Broadribb to share these.


The children have already started to make a difference to the school community and are working hard with completing action plans and environmental reviews to see areas for us to improve as a school.


If you have any questions, or want to get involved, please contact our Eco-Coordinator Miss Broadribb on the playground or via the school office. 


Below, you will find updates on the improvements that the Eco Council are making at Kingfisher. 

Eco-Council 2022-2023

Our Kingfisher Eco-Code

Our Eco-Code is important to us and all staff and children follow these rules around the school brilliantly. Our eco-council created this code during one of their meetings and are very proud of the rules which they created.  The children are even starting to implement this code at home too!

Well done, Kingfishers! 


At Kingfisher Primary School, we care about our environment!  We love our school and our world and want to make it as sustainable as we can. To do this, we need to: 

- Remember to sort our rubbish and recycle everything we can. 
- Never drop litter and, if we see it, pick it up, sort it, and wash our hands.
- Help spread the word about climate change, the impact it has on our environment and the need to recycle.  
- Turn off the lights when we leave our classes.
- Use a dimmer setting for our lights where we can.  
- Make sure adults switch off their laptops and the whiteboards when they are not in use.
- Tend to our plants and plant more trees and seeds around the school. 
- Be kind to our environment and our friends.
- Treat the wildlife around the school how we would like to be treated. 

- Be the best that we can be! 

'Litter'al Heroes 


Litter Picking is something which our children have really taken pride in this year. It has

been lovely to see how many children have been getting involved and helping to maintain our school grounds. Mr Hayward has been incredibly grateful for the help and support. Thank you to everyone who has helped litter pick this year, you are all helping our environment.   

Proud Planters

The children are incredibly proud of the different plants they have taken responsibility for out on the planters on our field. It has been lovely to see so many children tending to the different plants and using their initiative to ask to water them at break and lunchtimes. 


Currently, we are growing: 

- Sunflowers

- Green beans 

- Sugar Snap Peas

- Potatoes 

- Carrots

- Apples

- Pears


The LKDN have been getting involved too! Well done everyone, for the team effort! 

Exciting and Enriching Eco-Lessons Around the School. 


This year, pupils from all year groups, Reception and Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 have all been participating in Eco-Lessons to enrich their curriculum.


Cracking Carymoor!

Some classes were privileged enough to have Gary from Carymoor visit and learn all about the need and importance to recycle, reduce and reuse rubbish and which bins to use correctly. It was lovely to attend his whole school assembly and hear the discussions stimulated on the playground after his visit. 

Lovely Letters!  

Year 1 have written some fabulous letters to the Prime Minister about the importance of climate change and the need to act swiftly. They also enjoyed learning about climate change and the impact of different habitats. 


Year 3 have also written some brilliant letters to the leaders of the world urging them to do more about recycling and producing less rubbish inspired by the Tin Forest! It was lovely to hear the children sharing their letters so articulately too.  

Changing Climates!

Miss Jones did a fabulous job at educating Year 2 on changing climates and the impact the melting ice caps can have on different animals. The children loved measuring the rising sea levels and seeing how this impacted their polar bear friends. 


Delightful Debates! 

Year 6 did a fantastic job debating whether we should keep using modes of transport due to the effect on the environment. It was lovely to see them articulating themselves so clearly and with some brilliant arguments too! 

Fruit Trees Planted! 


Our fabulous fruit trees have been planted by some hard working pupils this morning. It has been lovely to see the children so engaged in helping with the planting process and we can't wait to see our fruit blossom on the trees! We are incredibly proud of our apple and pear trees and hope you enjoy looking at them as you enter via the Nursery entrance. 

Looking at Kingfisher’s Energy Use 

Year 3 and some of our eco-councillors were incredibly fortunate enough to have a visit with Richard who was looking at our energy usage at Kingfisher. He brought with him a thermal imaging camera which the children were ecstatic to have a go with and he answered lots of useful questions about how to reduce energy. Thank you for your time and enthusiasm Richard, the children really enjoyed your visit.  

What are we hoping to achieve next? 


In a short length of time, we have already started to make a change to our school community. Before the end of the year, we want to: 

- Introduce energy monitors for each class who regularly check that lights and computers are turned off when classrooms are left unsupervised. 

- Have a plant friendly week, where we focus on caring for our plants and introduce some class plants too. 

- Fundraise for an eco-charity. 

- Promote energy saving and recycling at home and design posters to encourage parents to help save the environment too! 

- Keep our rooms tidy and continue to recycle in school. 

- Work as a team to make Kingfisher an even better place to be! 

Eco-Council Assembly Update


On 26th January 2023, our Eco-Council led a brilliant assembly updating the whole school on all their hard work so far this year. It was brilliant to see participation from all of the children in delivering the assembly, including our Minnows who are the youngest members of the Eco-Council. Leading an assembly can be very daunting, but we were incredibly proud of the confidence that our young leaders had when speaking and sharing their latest work with their peers. Well done Eco-Councillors, we are all incredibly proud of you and the work that you are doing to improve our school!

What have our Eco-Council achieved already this year? 


Our Eco-Council have been working incredibly hard to ensure life at Kingfisher is more sustainable, reduce the amount of energy and develop a more economically efficient school environment. The children have lots of brilliant ideas which they have shared in meetings. Below is a list of some of the improvements they have already made through regular meetings with Miss Broadribb: 

• We have already formed our Eco-Council and started to make a change.
• We have already completed a survey to see what we can improve around our school.
• We have created an action plan of targets that we want to achieve this year. 
• We have already introduced more bins on our playground and in our classrooms so that we can recycle more.
• We have posters on our light switches and next to computers to remind people to turn off their devices.
• We have ordered some fruit trees which will be planted around our school.
• We have already started to make a change.


Fruit Trees Ordered! 


A big thank you to From the Ground Up for confirming our fruit tree order which will be arriving from the week beginning the 6th March. We are incredibly proud to be receiving two apple trees and two pear trees which will make fantastic additions to our school field. We can't wait to get started and begin growing more of our own food and produce at Kingfisher! 

Organising our Waste at Kingfisher!


An area we have identified for development at Kingfisher is reducing our waste and recycling more. The children want to be able to recycle more to help save the environment. New bins have been ordered and have arrived to allow the children to recycle more on the playground, as well as in classrooms. A litter picking rota has been organised to give each class the opportunity to take ownership in keeping our playground and school environment tidy and ensure that we are recycling at every opportunity that we get.