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Kingfisher Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust.

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Y4 - Hedgehogs


Hedgehog class is taught by Mr Green and is supported by Mrs Worley. Other adults who work in the class are Mr Frisby (teaching music on a Wednesday) and Mr Bourne (teaching PE on a Friday). Miss Darch also Teaches us for Dance every week.


Below you will find a gallery of all the exciting learning and activities that have taken place in Hedgehog this year.

Building Intruder Alarms

We have been learning all about electricity in Science this term and it has been great fun. At the end of term, as part of our DT, we had to design an intruder alarm to stop 'Light Fingered Dan' from robbing our banks. We used the internet to research and come up with our own designs and then used all that we knew about materials and working with them to build our own banks. The results were fantastic and I was really proud of the children's effort.

Tutankhamun Trip to Dorchester

We have been learning lots about the Ancient Egyptians this terms and it was great to be able to go on a school trip. We went to the Tutankhamum exhibition in Dorchester. It was great. We had the whole museum to ourselves and it was great to see all of the different exhibits. We were also able to stop and have lunch in the park, even if it was a little cold!

Safer Internet day

To mark safer Internet Day 2022, Hedgehog class talked openly and honestly about the role technology plays in our lives. We discussed the changing nature of conversation and how conversations online may be new and different to lots of us. We talked through the notion of being respectful and responsible when chatting online, whether we do it now or in the future. On the back of this, the children wrote some beautiful recipes for a safe and responsible internet user. 

Railway Safety

We had some fantastic visitors this term to talk to use about how we can use the railways in a safe way. The told us lots of amazing facts about the trains that use the railway network and gave us some great tips for enjoying trains in a safe way.

Knoll Nursing Home

In Hedgehog class, we have been busy writing letters to people in our community. Before Christmas, we set up a link with Knoll Nursing home in Yeovil. We had a visit from Jo who worked there and we found out lots about what the residents enjoy doing. When we got back after Christmas, we wrote letters to some of the residents to introduce ourselves and to say hello.

Visit from Harold

This term, we have a visit from Harold the giraffe and the SCARF team. Harold came to tell us about how we can stay healthy and all about what is inside our bodies. We had great fun using the AR app on the iPad to see inside our bodies and learn about all of the different organs.


After a couple of years off, we were very excited to be able to go to the Panto. We saw Mother Goose and a great time was had by all.

Tudor Feast

We have been learning about the Tudors this year. As part of the topic, we learnt all about Tudor food. We then had a delicious Tudor feast where we we able to try Gammon, Pork Pie, Tudor Bread and Pottage. We also made Tudor oranges using cloves. It was great fun and very tasty.

No Pen Day

This year, we celebrated National No Pen Day. This was a day where we had to record our through without writing. It was also a great chance for use to build on our speaking and listening skills. We had great fun playing lots of different word games and making our own card game.

Space Day

This term, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Wonder Dome. During this session, we were able to take a trip through the Galaxy and learn about the history of Earth.

Ice Cream For All

We were very luck to win a competition at Kingfisher and the prize was an ice cream for all children and staff. It was great to take a break from lessons to go and get an ice cream on the playground. A big thank you to Noodles Ices! 

Mapping the World

The children have been working hard on their mapping work this year and know the locations of different countries. The children had great fun seeing how many countries they could find and label in the allotted time.

Pete the Poet

We were lucky enough to have Pete the Poet come in and complete a session with us in Year 4. In this session, we talked about equality and diversity and even created our own rap. The children were also able to take part in a range of creative and imaginative activities that taught them to express themselves. It was a fantastic afternoon.

Languages Day

This year, all of the children at Kingfisher celebrated Languages Day. The classes were all divided up and had the opportunity to study different countries. They learnt the language, the history and the art of each county throughout the day. During the day, the children were able to try food from the different countries. Hedgehog class had Italy and we loved learning about Venetian masks. We also loved trying the different Italian foods.

Football Tournament

As part of our exciting sports program, the children took part in a Key Stage 2 Football Tournament. The children were playing in their houses with other children acting as referees. It was a great afternoon and it was lovely to see the children support each other.

Movie Scripts

To start the year off, Hedgehog class looked at Movie Scripts. This tied into our work on play scripts and gave the children a great insight  into how movies are made and the direction that is given to real actors. The children had great fun acting out the script from Toy Story.