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Y5 - Swans

Cool Aeronautics

This week, we had a visit from Leonardo’s who hosted a day of cool aeronautics. After bringing in some recycling, we were introduced to the activities we would do. The first activity was making a balloon powered car. We split into teams and looked at some different designs that had been made before. After this, we created a plan for our cars in teams. We later used these to create a balloon powered car and tested how far these travelled. We discussed the forces that were acting on the car and how this would impact the distance they travelled. Our second activity was to make a bridge for our car to travel across. We repeated the same design process before starting to make our own bridges. A key discussion point here was how to reinforce the structure of the bridge and to make sure to test them throughout the making process to make improvements. When we were ready, we tested whether our bridges would hold our car and how much weight they could hold before collapsing. Finally, we discussed the improvements we could have made to our designs and had the opportunity to ask some questions to people in the engineering industry which included a pilot!

Anti-Bullying Week

To raise awareness for Anti-Bullying Week, we have worn our odd socks to celebrate differences. We have also done a reading comprehension to increase our understanding of what bullying is and what we should do to stop it. In addition to this, we wrote some 'If' poetry using rhyming couplets based on this theme. To celebrate International Kindness Day, which also took place this week, we have had two targets a day to complete to make us feel happy. 

Remembrance Day

For Remembrance day, Year Five have been learning the poem Flanders Fields to perform in the remembrance service. We have also painted poppies in red, purple, black and white to remember the lives lost in war for our remembrance display. In our writing this week, we discussed World War Two and wrote a diary entry from the perspective of an evacuee. In this lesson, we discuss rationing, air raid, evacuation and what it would have been like to live during those times. Some children shared stories of what their family members had experienced during the war. 

Science Activities

In science this week, we completed an investigation into the solar system and its planets. We reviewed our previous learning of the model of the solar system and discussed the fact that the sun was in the centre. We cut out planets and used fact cards to identify each planet using its size and appearance. After this, we ordered the planets as they appear in the solar system. We discussed how long it took each planet to orbit the sun. To conclude our lesson, we reviewed the key facts of each planet and discussed mnemonics to remember their order. 

School Councillors

This week, we voted for our new school councillors. We are sure they will do an amazing job representing the class.

Treasure Island

In our writing this week, we created our own treasure island story and tea stained a treasure map to match. 

International Day of Languages

To celebrate International Languages Day, we created posters about France, made our own French flags, reviewed common French conversation and ate a selection of traditional French foods.