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Kingfisher Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust.

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Wellbeing at Kingfisher 

Wellbeing at Kingfisher is at the forefront of the school's drive to promote and support mental health and wellbeing. The wellbeing of staff, children and parents is important to us as a school and we have worked hard to create systems, resources and support for wellbeing and mental health. 


As a school we have a qualified Senior Mental Health Lead: Mr Pidgeon as well as other staff, who are specially trained in other areas such as ELSA ( Emotional Literacy Support Assistant). Alongside this, classes are taught various wellbeing strategies and throughout the PSHE curriculum, wellbeing is explored and promoted. 


In addition to the trained staff and curriculum we offer, the school has its own wellbeing council. The children from all year groups attend regular meetings with Mr Pidgeon and Miss Williams. As a result of their hard work, the children of the wellbeing council have created supporting roles on the playground, where the council will wear purple high vis jackets and will support any wellbeing needs. As the year progresses, the wellbeing council will be further increasing its role in school including leading wellbeing activities in wellbeing week and creating resources to support wellbeing at break and lunch time. 


To further support parents, we have organised below, links to various wellbeing and mental health organisations and support networks that may be of use.