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Archive 2018/2019 Year 2

Welcome to Mallard Class!



Therapy Horse Visit
We had a visit from the Therapy Horses today. We got to meet Peanut and Lofty as they visited our school. we were told lots about them and how they are looked after. We also learnt lots about how they are used to help people who are poorly.
Norwegian Day
This week, we celebrated Norwegian Independence Day. We had lots of fun learning about Norway and what the day meant. Mrs Wharton and Poppy came in wearing a traditional Norwegian outfit. We had lots of fun learning about the Vikings and we all made our own Viking ships.
Great Fire of London Visit
This term, we had a visit from The Somerset Museum as part of our Great Fire of London History topic. Sharron came into our school and we got to try three different activities. Mrs January helped us to practise our Quill writing using real quills and real ink. It was great fun to try and write in the style of people at the time. Sharron worked with groups handling objects from the fire and the time. There was some very smelly cheese! Mr Green got us working in teams to use canvas buckets to empty a tank. This was how they would have tried to put out the fires. A great morning and thanks to all adults involved.
Our new Willow Dome
We were very lucky to have a visit from Stefan this term. He came to the school to talk to us about Willow and how we can use it to make a living structure. Through the sun, wind and rain, we worked as a team to create an amazing Willow Dome.
World Book Day 2018
We had a great day on World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite characters and spent the day doing lots of fun activities. We talked lots about our characters and the stories they came from. It was also great to learn about other people's favourite characters and books. Thanks to all parents for help with costumes.
Editing our Stories
We have been learning about the story of The Sorcerer's Apprentice over the last few weeks. This week, as our Big Write, we have written the story up. It has been hard work but well worth it. We helped each other improve by working together to edit our work.
More fun in the snow

Fun in the snow

Mallard class enjoying some time in the snow.

Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New year, Mallard spent the day looking at China and learning lots about its culture. In the morning we made Chinese hats and practised Chinese Calligraphy. We also made Chinese fortune sticks and had a go a reading our fortunes. In the afternoon, we painted cherry blossom trees and go to try some different Chinese food using chop sticks. What a great day!


Dogs Trust Visit
On Monday 21st January we had a visit from Emily at Dogs Trust. Dogs Trust is a charity which looks after dogs who might not have owners. They make sure they are healthy and find them new homes. Emily brought her very special friend Baxter with her. She talked to us about how we should look after dogs. We learnt about brushing their coats, feeding them and why it is important to take them to the vets. She talked to us about keeping safe around dogs and why we need to ask the owners permission if we want to stroke their dog. 
Music with Mrs Boniface

In music this term we have been looking at pitch. We have used our bodies and our voices to talk about what pitch is and how it changes. We even got to use multi-link to model how pitch can change in a piece of music.

Father Christmas

This week we had a very special visit. Father Christmas cam to Mallard class! He wished us all a very Merry Christmas and even gave us some gifts. He gave us some new Lego and a book called The Jolly Postman by Allan Ahlberg.

Christmas Oranges

We used lots of juicy oranges and cloves to make Christmas oranges. They made the classroom smell amazing and then we sold them at the Christmas Fair to raise money. it was great fun but a little tricky.

Biscuit making for the Christmas Fair
As part of family learning, parents were invited into the school to help make cakes for the fair. It was great fun to share the experience and a big thank you to all those involved.
Working hard to extend all children.
We like to extend the learning in the classroom and give children the opportunity to apply what they have learnt to tricky problems. We have great fun in Mathletics every week.

We have had a great start to the school year in Mallard. We have been working really hard in Geography and learning about our local environment and the planet we live on. We have also been doing lots of computer coding on Scratch Junior. This was great fun. In English we have been looking at The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and using it to create stories and poems of our own. Over the term, we have looked at the work of George Seurat in Art and created pictures in the style of Pointillism. We really enjoyed learning about Harvest festival and it was exciting to perform to parents for the first time in the new hall. We cant wait to get started again after half term!