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Archive 2018/2019 Year 1

Welcome to Dragonfly Class!



Bug Hunt

This week we have been on a bug hunt around the school. We found lots of mini-beasts including, slugs, bumble bees, earwigs, ants and grass-hoppers!


In History we are looking at the Victorian Seaside.  Today we had a visit from the South West Museum who came and talked to us about holidays 150 years ago. The children had the opportunity to dress up in costumes and pose for seaside pictures. They had to remember not to smile as this was not the done thing in Victorian times! The children also made Punch & Judy puppets, played a magnetic fishing game and found out what Victorians would have had in their suitcases.

Fathers Day

To celebrate Father's Day the children made shortbread medals. This activity was enjoyed by all the class and hopefully all the daddies enjoyed them too!

Adding 3 numbers together

The children have been learning to add 3 numbers together, so we went out into the playground and threw some beanbags into hoops. The children had to calculate their own scores. If they got it in the first hoop it was 2 points, the middle hoop was 5 points and the furthest hoop was 10 points. It certainly made our maths fun!

Life Education Inflatable Classroom

We had a fantastic time visiting Harold (the giraffe) and Helen in the Life Education Inflatable Classroom! We learned all about ‘our wonderful bodies’ and how to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We also found out what different types of food we should eat regularly and how they help our body work.

3D Shapes

Dragonfly class have been learning all about 3D shapes and their properties and also about dividing things into halves and quarters. So we decided to combine the two! The children made 3D shapes using playdough and then cut them into halves and quarters.

Therapy Horse visit

All the Kingfisher children loved their visit this week from the Therapy Horses, Lofty and Peanut!

The children learnt how these miniature  horses are able to bring comfort and happiness to people in hospitals, care homes and schools. We thought they looked very cute in their tiny boots too!

Norwegian Day

On May 17th we all celebrated Norway’s Independence Day with various activities. In Dragonfly Class we made a typical Norwegian snack called a Boller, which was a chocolate bread bun.Super tasty!!

Harold the Giraffe

It was great to compare our heights with our new Harold Giraffe in the stairwell!


One of our RE stories is Joseph and his amazing coat of many colours. The children worked in groups to make fantastic, colourful collages of his coat using pieces of material and paper.

Rainbow Fish

Look at our amazing Rainbow Fish! All the children wrote on a colourful scale to say who they would share their scales with and why. They had lovely ideas.


The children have been learning how to type sentences on either an Ipad or a laptop and then save their work. Super effort Dragonfly Class!


Sea Creature Sculptures

Last week the children used their creative skills to make Sea Creature sculptures using clay. They had a lot of fun and made some amazing designs!


In Maths this half term we have studied capacity. Using water and cubes the children had to estimate and measure the capacity of different containers. It was super team work! 

Forest School

The children and parents of Dragonfly class enjoyed the Spring sunshine during the recent Forest school.

Kingston Maurward

Last Friday Dragonfly Class had a fantastic trip to Kingston Maurward Animal Park in Dorchester.

The children learnt about different farm animals, stroked new lambs and chicks and met a Bird of Prey called Pheobe! We even had time to investigate the beautiful gardens and go on a scavenger hunt!

Willow Outdoor Classroom

Dragonfly class were really pleased to help Stefan last week build a willow dome for us to use as an outside classroom. He showed the children how to weave using the willow and they all helped plant the willow in the ground. We can’t wait to use it in the Summer!

New Gymnastics Apparatus

Last week Dragonfly Class enjoyed using the gymnastics apparatus in the hall. Mr Bourne taught the children how to jump and land safely and correctly using the agility tables and climbing frames.

Guide Dog Visit

The children were visited by a fantastic Guide Dog called Markey. He came with his owner Alex to show us what an amazing job Guide Dogs do for people who have partial or no sight.