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Y5 - Swans

Swans class is taught by Mr Pidgeon and is supported by Mrs Williams and Mrs James. Other adults, who work in the class are Mr Frisby (teaching music on a Thursday) and Mr Bourne (teaching PE on a Friday).


Below you will find a gallery of all the exciting learning and activities that have taken place in Year 5 this year.


Science: Materials  


At the start of the year, Year 5 were busy testing materials to check their various properties. During this experiment, the children were testing the properties of these classroom equipment. 

Pete the poet. 


During the term, we were visited by Pete the Poet. As part of his visit, the children explored diversity and how this shapes the world. The numerous of activities were enjoyed by all the class. 

No Pen Day 


As part of the whole school No-Pen day, the children took part in a range of activities, which included a debate and mental maths. The children used the day to build on their non-verbal skills. 

Victorian baking day. 


As part of the Victorian topic, the children created and sampled a British classic 'Victorian Sponge'. The children showed excellent baking skills and enjoyed the tasting. 

Clay bird making


As part of our Design and Technology project, we designed and created clay birds. The birds were based on native British birds. The children created some incredible birds with brilliant colourful designs. 

Rocket making 

As part of our Science project, Earth and Space, the children designed and tested their own bottle rockets. The children created innovative and unique designs. When it came to the testing, some of the rockets even flew upwards of 10ms. 



Scarf workshop with Helen from Coram 


On Thursday 14th January, Helen from Coram, came in to deliver a workshop to year 5. The children were studying key aspects of the PSHE curriculum, focusing on saying no and being assertive. A highlight of the visit was the special guest appearance from Harold the Scarf mascot. The children had an excellent time with Helen and develop some of the key personal and social skills they need. 

Road safety workshop 


On Friday 21st January, Paul from Somerset Road Safety came in to speak to the children about road safety. The workshop involved a range of activities from sharing safe practice to exploring the colour of a coat and its impact on road safety. The children were able to ask Paul a range of questions to further improve their learning on this vital area of safety. 



In recent English lessons, Year 5 have been set the task of finding out who killed King Duncan of Scotland. Using witness statements and information on the characters, the children set about solving the case. The interesting and varied theories were fantastic to read. The children produced some brilliant speeches explaining who was the killer. 

Safer Internet Day 2022. 


The theme for this year's Safer Internet Day was ' Respect and Relationships'. The children explored the various positive and negative elements of the online world and more specifically online gaming. The debate and points raised, showed the children had a brilliant understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of online gaming. Children then produced mind maps showing the positive and negative elements of online gaming. 

Rail safety talk


On Thursday 11th February, the children were visited by Marcia and Stacey from Network Rail. During the talk on Rail safety, the children learned some interesting and frightening facts about train stopping distances, speeds and stopping times. The children asked some excellent questions and showed an excellent awareness of the dangers of the railways. Thank you Marcia and Stacey for your time. 

Chance to Shine cricket. 

This half term, the children have been receiving coaching from somerset cricket club. The children have been looking at the key skills of cricket : catching, throwing and batting. The children have really enjoyed this workshop and their skills have improved greatly. 

Problem solving day

As part of problem solving day, year 5 took part in a wide variety of problem solving activities. In maths, the children looked at the maze 100 problem .In English, the children reasoned with the items they would select if they were stranded on a desert island.

Farming talk with Emma Biss 

As part of our DT topic, the children had a visit from Emma Biss ( Drift Education). Emma talked the children through the workings of a farm and how the different animals are cared for. As well as that, Emma showed the children how to know where the meat in shops comes from. We even got to sample some of the cheese produced by the cows on Emma's farm. 

Chris the Animal Man 

As part of our living things and habitats topic, Chris the Animal Man. Chris  brought a wide range of animals with him from an Owl to an armadillo, who scouted around the classroom. The children were able to ask Chris a number of questions on the different animals. This visit allowed the children to build on their knowledge of the animal life cycles, which they have studied in Science.  

Burger making: DT

As the final product for the children's Design and Technology project, the children created the burger, which they had designed. This topic has allowed the children to gain skills in food production and building on their knowledge of what makes a healthy diet. During the project, the children created some innovative designs , one of which included Frosties!. 

The best was the children got to test their final products and the photos show how pleased they were with their designs.  

Art: Collage

As part of the children's art project this half term, the children have been studying collage. It has been great to see the children learn and master using materials to create certain impressions. The final pieces were 3 native animals to England and linked to the school name. The children worked very well in the groups to make these pieces, we look forward to hanging them up at school. 

International Day of Dance. 


For international Day of Dance, the children were able to take part in a workshop run by Kerri Hilll. During this session, the children learnt a traditional Jewish dance, which linked to our RE topic: Judaism. During the 45 minute session the children were able to master the coordination and skill needed to apply the new routine to the music. 

Healthy Futures

This half term, Dan from SASP, has been coming in to deliver a Healthy Futures workshop. During the sessions, the children have been exploring the various elements of  healthy lifestyle. The children have been undertaking a range of activities from the Beep test to Handwashing germs( glitter). The children have really enjoyed the sessions so far and look forward to the next few weeks with Dan

Geography day

During Geography day, the children explored the continent of Africa. They first looked at  some of the countries, which make the continent of Africa before choosing one to make a fact file on. As well as this, the children undertook an orienteering challenge to use their mapping skills. Finally, the children worked as groups to create a collage of Africa using just the flags of Africa. 

Tennis coaching

The children were able to take part in a taster tennis coaching session. The session started with warm up drills to look at the movement needed in tennis before moving onto skill based activities. The children were all able to make excellent progress in their control of the both the ball and the racket. Finally the session ended with some mini games, where the children put these skills into practise.